Beyond The Usual: Exploring New Window Types And Designs

Everyone is familiar with at least two or three types of windows. We know some types are more popular in a particular part of the globe or culture than others and we know there are also variations of the usual styles. But we rarely think about those when we design or renovate our homes. However, if you want your home to be unique and to stand out, one way to achieve that is through original and unusual windows.

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Skylights are often used when desiring to let more sunlight into a space or when there’s no other choice. A good example can be an attic space with angled walls. Skylights are the equivalent or regular windows. It’s for this type of spaces that Danish window company Velux developed Cabrio. This design allows you to open up the frame of the skylight in order to create a small balcony. Cabrio is made of two sections, each with a distinct purpose. The top portion opens for ventilation while the bottom part has an integrated banister which moves outward and forms a space similar to a tiny balcony.

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Modern and contemporary architecture focus on establishing a strong connection between interior and exterior spaces, ensuring a seamless transition and allowing gorgeous views to become a part of the interior décor. The Turntable system offered by Vitrocsa helps dissolve the boundaries of the home by allowing glass walls and panels to slide and turn corners. The system allows them to hide within solid walls, opening up spaces to their surroundings.

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Another innovative window system designed to offer the user a private space from which to admire the views and the surroundings is More Sky. When you open this window you obtain a temporary sunroom with its own seating area. It can be folded away when not in use. There are three types of windows to choose from, each with its own unique design.

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There are cases when the desire is not to have a huge window and panoramic views but merely to find a subtle way to let some light in or to highlight a certain feature in the room. Consider a thin, long and narrow window which forms a slit into the wall, offering a glimpse of what’s behind it and letting in enough sunlight to make the space feel bright and fresh.{found on Warmarchitects}.

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On the other hand, when you want to capture a panoramic view which stretches in front of your home and wraps around it from all sides, a simple window is not enough. To capture the beauty and essence of the view you’ll need a window which stretches on two adjacent walls. However, you don’t want the frame to interrupt the view so the corner needs to be clear.{found on Barilari Architteti}.

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In some cases it’s impossible to give up the support structure that holds the window. This would usually happen when the windows stretch from floor to ceiling. If you decide to opt for corner windows/ glass walls, then you’ll also gain some extra space there.{found on CF-architects}.

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A different way to capture the beauty and charm of a great view is with a cozy window nook. You can think about this feature in advance and design the house with a very thick window sill. The window nook will become a natural part of the interior design. In addition, you’ll be able to use it in a lot of other ways such as to display interesting decorations.

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Circular windows are unusual and they usually suggest a nautical-themed interior design. However, this is not always the case. A circular pivot window such as this one can be an interesting design feature for a lot of spaces which have bohemian, modern or vintage interior designs.{found on ohmaidarling}.

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A window can be the focal point of an entire room, provided it has an interesting and eye-catching look. This particular window is a very good example. Not only that it has an unusual shape and size but it also features the most peculiar set of shutters, arranged in a pinwheel pattern at different angles.{found on Anthillconstructions}.

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A different way of making sure a window stands out is by giving it a unique shape. This staircase window, for example, has an unusual geometric shape with odd angles and resembling a lightning bolt that penetrates the wall of house. It’s the type of window that could make any building look special and was designed by Daniel Libeskind.