Ultra-modern lighting designs by Ingo Maurer

There are really a lot of very different designs when it comes to lamps, pendants and other lighting fixtures. There are all sorts of inspiration sources that are visible in the finished design. Other designs are just a little more abstract. Ingo Maurer, the designer of the next three lighting fixtures, has combined very nicely the two concept of abstract and fantasy. The results are amazing, as you can see for yourself from the pictures.

Unique lighting designs ingo threemaurerView in gallery

The first design is called Johnny B Butterfly and it has a very magical look. It’s really nothing more than a hanging bulb wrapped in a white Teflon shade. But the most impressive elements are the beautiful butterflies and the firefly that seems to have been drawn there by the beautiful light. This is my favorite pendant lamp so far. The second design features several disk-like aluminum structures that seem to just float in the air. They remind a little of the UFOs. Finally, the last design presented here is a flower-like lamp featuring seven light bulbs with goose feather wings. This one is called Seven of the Wall.

Unique lighting designs ingo threemaurer

Each one of these designs is magical and very unique. They would make an excellent choice for a modern home. With lamps and pendants like these ones, you don’t need any more accessories. Your interior design will be complete.