Trifid lamp design by Lucis

There are many light design ideas, but the Trifid lamp design by Lucis seems out of the ground like a tropical plant from another planet. Its organic form white, just a note highlighted in color in shades ball, gives it a strong personality. It`s possible to use this lamp as lighting or suspension, fixed by the ceiling. I once saw a science-fiction movie where alien creatures came looking for humans and there were some long arms with a ball-like eye at the end, searching all over the place for people.

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Trifid lamp design by lucis

No offense, but this lamp looks just like those alien arms with eyes. However, they are pretty unusual, so original at the same time and they can be of great effect in a modern living room. No matter where you decide to place it – on the floor or on the ceiling, it will add a bit of originality to your house and you can also turn its head so as to have the light in the spot where you want it.