Top Five Rugs to Revitalise Your Living Room

We all get to the point when our living room is uninspiring. We are sick of sitting in the same room and watching TV every evening. However, redecorating the lounge area is a stressful proposition which will take a considerable length of time. Luckily, you don’t actually need to change the entire room in order to give it a new lease of life. All it takes is one striking accessory to achieve the desired rejuvenation you are looking for. One accessory that can certainly achieve this is a rug. Thus, read on to discover the top five rugs that can revitalise your living room…

1) Bluebellgray Abstract Rug.

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This rug is vibrant, energetic, and uplifting. If you are truly looking to put the spark back into your living area, this is the rug to do it. This Bluebellgray creation cleverly and artistically incorporates the current trend for floral patterns. Yet, it offers something entirely different compared to what we are used to seeing. The abstract rug looks stunning against dark flooring and will certainly become the main attraction in your living room.Available from John Lewis for £900 – £1,400.

2) Nomadic Multi Colour Rug.

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This rug from Heals possesses an intricate and elaborate beauty, making it truly captivating. You can’t help but take your eyes off the stunning and complex pattern. Aside from this another great quality this rug boasts is an ideal blend between two contrasting styles. There is the evident bohemian flavour finished off with a girly candy pink and hints of sky blue.Available from Heals for £375.

3) Union Jack Rug.

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Every one seems to have Britannia fever at the moment. Since the Olympics descended on the UK a feeling of patriotism has certainly kicked in. As a result the Union Jack has been incorporated in clothing, furniture, and alike. This rug is a great choice because of the stunning antique twist.Available from Rug Traders for £92.

4) Hong Kong Rug.

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This urban rug has an electric edge. The structured design is extremely modern, whilst the bright colours add vividness and vibrancy. Please bear in mind that this rug will only look well placed in a contemporary style living room.Available from Rugs Centre for £59.

5) Grassland Green Martha Stewart Rug.

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Leopard print is one of the most popular prints of today. There is little chance of it dwindling in popularity either, therefore you can rest assured you will get a lot of years out of this rug. This rug differs from other leopard print rugs on the market because it boasts a modern interpretation of the print. This will look stunning in a room containing dark wood or black wrought iron furniture.Available from J C Penney for £96.49.