Tiny House Insurance Companies That Are Easy To Work With

It can be easy to forget or leave out insurance from your life. But the truth is that all types of insurance are important. Health insurance, life insurance, and home insurance alike. But not all home insurance is easy to obtain. 

Tiny House Insurance

If you live in a tiny house, then home insurance isn’t as simple to get. Because not all tiny houses are considered houses by insurance companies. But there are ways to get around that by choosing the right company. 

What Is Tiny House Insurance?

Tiny house insurance is a lot like an insurance for any other type of home. However, you can’t just go to any insurance company and come home with insurance for your tiny home without a hitch. In that way, it isn’t the same. 

Some companies are paranoid that you are trying to pull one over on them. The same goes for loan companies. So finding the right company is very important if you want to have good, appropriate tiny house insurance. 

Following Tiny House Codes

Tall Tiny House interior

Every structure has codes and rules that need to be followed. You can go without following the rules and slide under the radar sometimes. But if you apply for insurance, then a tiny home inspection will be needed. 

The laws and codes vary greatly by state, but there are also general codes that can help you get started. Building codes involve minimum ceiling heights of 6′ 8″, an emergency exit, a bathroom, and usually a room that has at least 120sqft. 

Tiny House On Wheels Insurance

Tiny houses on wheels have different rules than tiny houses on stationary foundations. For tiny houses like these, a better bet is to go for RV insurance. Because the tiny house on wheels can be considered a recreational vehicle. 

Another option is personal property insurance which can protect you from loss just like if you lost a musical instrument or an electronic. This type of insurance is common for storage units that are on your property. 

How To Get Tiny House Insurance

Tall Tiny House interior
The SaltBox Tiny House Has A Cozy Interior Paired With A Steel Exterior shell – here

In order to get tiny house insurance, you need to find companies that will insure tiny houses. Some companies do it without question but others make it difficult to go through the process because your house isn’t “standard.” 

Here are a handful of companies that won’t give you any trouble. Each and every one will work with you through the process of getting your tiny home insured. Check them out and find out which suits your needs best.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is the fourth-largest property insurer in the U.S. They are very popular and very well-loved. You don’t see someone switch from Liberty Mutual so don’t seek them out if you plan on switching plans. 

They offer both mobile home insurance and short-term rental coverage, so you can choose whichever plan works better for what you want covered. The additional coverage is almost always worth it though. 

American Modern Insurance Group

American Modern Insurance Group is a great place for those seeking tiny house insurance. You can get manufactured home insurance from them which a tiny home falls under. And AMIG covers almost everything.

They have liability, personal property, and even water damage coverage. There are no age restrictions and you can even get insurance if you have bad credit. Because everyone deserved to have an insured home. 

But what really makes AMIG special is that they have a special type of protection that protects you from the things not mentioned by them. They only list things that are excluded. Everything else is covered. 

State Farm

State Farm is an extremely popular insurance company that covers anything you can imagine. It can be used for tiny homes that you build on your property which isn’t often covered by other insurance agencies. 

State Farm can talk to you any day of the week or offer a free quote online. There’s a reason that this company is so popular and those with tiny homes love it as much as those with any other type of house.

American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance, also known as AmFm, has almost any type of insurance that you can imagine. One of them being tiny house insurance which they can file under one of the many different insurances they offer. 

They can work with you to decide which is the best fit for you. You may want homeowners insurance, personal property insurance, RV insurance, or manufactured/mobile home insurance. So it will be tailored to your needs.

Foremost Insurance Group

Foremost Insurance Group not only covers tiny houses but they have a tiny home-specific coverage plan. They don’t try to cut corners for you or for them. They actually are transparent with their business.

Foremost offer insurance whether you live in your tiny house full-time or part-time. The company offers a specific coverage plan that can be tailored t your tiny house needs and doesn’t try to find any loopholes. 

Amazing Tiny Houses To Inspire You

Tiny houses aren’t all the same. You don’t have to live off the grid nor use a composting toilet to have a tiny house. If you are thinking about building a tiny house, take a look at these amazing tiny houses. 

Garden Tiny Home

Tall Tiny House interior

This tiny house on wheels is fabulous. On the outside, it looks like your average minimalist tiny home out in the woods. The flat roof and dark wood siding looks great, but it’s what is on the inside that makes it special. 

Tall Tiny House interior

Inside, you have a rather vast space full of green plants. There is a large picture window situated over the bar with a staircase that leads up to the loft. A tiny house isn’t really a home without a loft, now is it?

Modern Yet Retro Tiny House

Tall Tiny House interior

This grey house would look amazing in any yard. Although it is a tiny house on wheels, it also has a removable deck that you can back up and store. Or, you can leave it out all year long! That’s what makes it so amazing.

Tall Tiny House interior

Then, on the inside, it looks so clean and modern. The monochromatic color scheme is brought inside with marble waterfall counters and a foldout couch. Storage is everything in this space-saving tiny house.

Draw Bridge Tiny House 

Tall Tiny House interior

This house may look perfect without knowing the details about it but there are secret details that will make you love it even more. The house looks like a riverboat completel with wood siding and a drawbridge deck.

Tall Tiny House interior

On the inside, reclaimed barnwood is used for the ceiling and red details make it stand out. A tiny wood cook stove is placed on top of a shelf to warm the 340-sqft space with ease. Now isn’t this a cozy home?

Eclectic Winter Home

Tall Tiny House interior

This home has the appearance of a prefab home, which is a trending manufactured home. There is a modern farmhouse look with the wide siding, single-pane glass windows, and green galvanized roof. 

Tall Tiny House interior

On the inside, every detail is special. Do you notice anything missing? That’s right! There is no loft! This is uncommon in a tiny house on wheels but this one makes it work with an open space that is perfect for small families.

Gooseneck Tiny House

Tall Tiny House interior

Now this is a unique idea that will likely be the future of tiny homes everywhere. The extra space is added by creating a gooseneck home. Both ends are lifted up with the front end lifting up higher than the back.

Tall Tiny House interior

This offers a good balance that can still be hauled with a pickup truck due to the space for the bed underneath. This house also takes on what so many other tiny houses fail to do. It makes rustic look so good.

Tall Tiny House

Tall Tiny House interior

This tiny house is only six meters long but it makes up for it with extra height and a great view. The home is complete with solid siding, an aclectic design, and sliding glass windows to breathe life into it.

Tall Tiny House interior

Because the home is so tall, it looks huge on the inside for a tiny home. While there may not be as much furniture in it as some longer homes, the sheer space inside is more thn you’d typically see. Not to mention, it looks luxurious!  

Getting Tiny House Insurance

Getting tiny house insurance is just like getting anything else. You need to research, compare, and talk to the company before making your decision. It won’t take long and if you do these things, you will be confident in your decision.

After you get insurance and are ensured you are following the correct codes, you can enjoy finishing your design. Tiny houses are so much fun whether you live in them all year long or use them only for vacations.

They let you forget your worries and the stress of a large house and focus on what matters. Enjoying life with those you love. Consider getting yourself a tiny house on wheels so you too can understand the pleasures of owning one.