The versatile Kuubo office table

Office tables are usually very simple and formal. They are mostly used for meetings and not much though is put in the decision when choosing one for the office. However, when you think about it, there are lots of things that can be done to make an office table more functional and practical.

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Kuubo is an innovative creation that basically solves a lot of problems. The kuubo table was created by Japanese designer naoto fukasawa for Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra. It’s a versatile table for offices and work areas. Its dimensions are quite large so small work spaces are out of the question. Also, the table was designed to be used by multiple persons at a time. It features lots of storage space which, as we all know, is vital in any office or work area.

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The kuubo table has a very simple design. It has been reduced to the bare essentials. It’s actually a sort of team center that can be used as a workstation, a conference or meeting table, a manager’s desk or in a space for meeting clients. The kuubo table seems very simple at first sight. However, inside it hide four very practical and functional storage spaces. The storage boxes are lockable and are ideal for storing notebook computers, files and other materials.{found on designboom}