The open-door-company office interior design

One year ago the consulting company in strategic communication and public affairs Links Associates, founded by former Foreign Ministry spokesman, Corina Vintan, moved in a historic villa in the Romanian market.The building was renovated and decorated by “instructions”, to ensure a working environment, but also a sense of family. “Ultimately, we spend at work most of the time, sometimes 10-12 hours, so it is important how we feel here,” explains the manager the decision for a historic villa, arranged on their own.

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The ten employees of Link Associates company currently occupies a net area of 300 square meters, held on three floors. The Villa on Nicolae Iorga Street was built in 1896. The Romanian style villa was restored on the outside and the attic was raised so it can be inhabited. However, the owner took care of  most original elements of the building, such as stove, wood floors and stairs.

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Corina Vintan’s office is decorated with paintings and photos that the manager loves, but the most important element in the office is her “collegue” , Teddy, a polar bear bought fromLondonwith a “special occasion”. On Corina Vintan’s desk is a symbol of what is considered “man’s best friend”. Corina passion for dogs go further than that, she also owns two Huskys, which she brings to the office occasionally. In the basement of the building is the dining room and some offices. A drawback of the office, said the manager, is the parking, but the team Links Associates bought four parking spaces.{found on wallstreet}.