The new Google/You Tube office in Los Angeles

Google just added a new colorful office to its collection. This time it’s the new Google/You Tube office and it’s located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. As usually, the office features the same bold and vivid colors that represent Google. This new space was designed by HLW and it follows the same pattern as the rest of the Google offices, the ones from London and Stockholm.

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This new office is a beautiful mix of social and work areas. It’s not the traditional type of office, with neutral and depressing colors and small and crowded work spaces. That’s because this is a modern office but, most importantly, because Google understands the fact that happy employees are more productive and efficient than depressed employees that only work because they need the money. Here, the offices are colorful and inviting. There are some more formal areas, the actual offices. However, these too are cozy and refreshing, the only difference being the simpler color palette.

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The Google/You Tube office includes a café room with a modern décor with industrial influences. It also has lounge areas and relaxation spaces where employees can play pool, read a book, have a cup of coffee or simple relax and chat. It’s a very nice and efficient way of motivating people, not to mention that, visually, the office is very attractive and really expresses the essence of the company it represents.