The Home Office collection by Philippe Coudray

The Home Office collection is a modern interpretation of basic furniture elements. It’s composed of various seats and desks featuring Italian structures and signed by Ares Line and Della Rovere. Here are the component pieces of this collection:

"Fake love" & Don't disturb i'am dreaming".

“Fake love” & Don’t disturb I’m dreaming”

These are two modern creations with an uncommon design. The pieces are designed to be used as seating units. They have a round shape and a central dome-like structure. The prints are rather abstract and they are what inspired the names of these products.

"Fake love" & Don't disturb i'am dreaming".

"Fake love" & Don't disturb i'am dreaming".

Sofa with one armrest with prints “En attendant le metro”, “grafiti time” & “drab life”

This sofa features a more traditional shape. Nevertheless, the prints are not at all traditional. They are bold and modern and similar to the ones from the “Fake love” & Don’t disturb I’m dreaming” units. Because the sofa only has one armrest, you can use two pieces to form a larger and complete sofa.

"Fake love" & Don't disturb i'am dreaming".

Armchair Millenium with prints “Fake love” & “graffiti time”

This is basically a common office chair, with swivel and adjustable height. The only distinguishable feature is again, the eye-catching print. It’s a sturdy, durable and, of course, very comfortable chair.
Armchair Jolly with print “En attendant le remede”

Here’s another office chair, this time featuring a more feminine design. It has the same particularities as the other office chair, except that the back is lower and the armrests are part of the seat structure.

Armchair Eura with print "En attendant le metro"

Armchair Eura with print “En attendant le metro”

This is a more unusual chair. If you could somehow ignore the wacky print, you’ll see that it’s actually a very simple design. It could be used wither as a dining chair, or even as an office chair replacement.

Armchair Mya with print "Don't disturb...I'am dreaming"

Armchair Mya with print “Don’t disturb…I’am dreaming”

If the designs showed earlier didn’t impress you, take a loom at this one. It has an egg-shaped seat with a carved part in the middle. It could also be used as an office chair or simply as an extra seat in the living room.

Armchair Bridge with print "Crosses" & "flying away"

Armchair Bridge with print “Crosses” & “flying away”

Now it’s time for a more comfortable design. This particular armchair is a mix of different geometrical shapes put together to form a compact and very cozy armchair. The print seems to be a little more quiet time, even artistic.

Table Zero (design by Karim Rashid)

Table Zero (design by Karim Rashid)

If the traditional table designs don’t satisfy you anymore, try this one, designed by Karim Rashid. Like most of his creations, this one has a fluid, artistic design. It’s white, with the exception of the top that features similar prints.

Armchair Millenium with print "Mythologie"

Armchair Millenium with print “Mythologie” and Armchairs Smart and Jolly with print “Fables”

This is the same Millenium office chair that you’ve seen earlier, but with a different print. It’s the same for the Smart and Jolly chairs that this time feature fun and colorful animal-inspired prints.{found on 6a3a}