The contemporary Bøler Church with a minimalist design

It might seem surprising, especially when you only see the exterior, but this imposing structure is actually a church. This is the Bøler Church, a modern creation located in Oslo, Norway. Unlike traditional churches, this one has a minimalist design, both inside and out. The church occupies an area of 3,231 square meters and it was designed by Hansen-Bjørndal Arkitekter AS as the result of an open architectural competition in 2004.

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The main functions of the church are spread on three levels. The church hall sits on an elevated plateau, the congregation hall is located on the ground floor and the chapel is actually into the ground. A side wing made of brick protects these functions from the traffic and the noise located to the east. The church even has a patio that opens to the exterior and that can be reached through a gateway. The interior design is as simple and elegant as the exterior. The glazed sidewalls allow of the exterior.

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The internal structure is in fact very functionally designed. The main area are oriented vertically while the administrative and support spaces are located in the side wings. The furniture was designed by Lars Ernst and Hansen/Bjørndal and the artwork was the creation of Thomas Hestvold and Barbro Raen Thomassen. Another element that distinguishes this new church from most traditional and old ones is the kindergarten and a youth club located on the lower level.