The Candy Baccarat lamp by Jaime Hayon

This chic accessory is the Baccarat lamp. It was designed by Jaime Hayon and it’s part of the Candy Light series. Like all the other pieces from this collection, the Baccarat lamp features a contrasting design. On one hand we have the bright and solid ceramic while on the other hand we have the clarity and sophistication of textured crystal. These are very different elements that have been combined in a unique way to create this beautiful lamp.

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The Baccarat lamp was designed with a ceramic base and a crystal shade. The base is available in either copper, platinum or white. The lamp was modeled following Baccarat’s juvisy pattern. The lamp features a red crystal pendant attached to the base that serves as the switch. Given the texture and shape of the lampshade, when the lamp is lit it casts its reflection onto the base and the surrounding surfaces.

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The Baccarat lamp along with other pieces from the Candy Light series created by this designer was on display in the Baccarat exhibition during Milan Design Week 2011. It’s interesting how the lamp can be so sophisticated and chic when it has a relatively simple design. The base is plain and minimalist and it’s the shade that makes it stand out. The Baccarat lamp would make a stylish addition to both modern and traditional homes and it would be an eye-catching accessory for the living room, dining room, office or bedroom.