The Bow Lamp by Valerio Cometti

Simple and luxury Bow lamp by Valerio Cometti, an Italian designer, made in his studio V12 Design is a floor lamp. Characterized by its unique arched shape, the Bow lamp is an effective union of planning and engineering. With diffuser and frame completely built in aluminum, it is anchored to the wall in two places, where it becomes a very dynamic and versatile angle light.

“When I came up with the concept of Bow, I was trying to design a lamp with a specific and versatile function (lightbulb hovering above the living room area, or the kitchen table and so on), but I wanted to design such lamp so that it had no real “body”, whose shape was provided by forces and tensions, rather than a case or a chassis (think about my Katana for ITre for instance).”

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Even if it looks like a simple desk lamp, it is somehow oversized and is actually meant to be used on the floor. It is fixed on the floor at the edge , where the floor meets the wall, this way minimizing the amount of space covered. Its size allows the lamp to cast enough light for the whole room. The arched support of the lamp, high and gracious, won’t stay in your way, so the lamp is perfect if you don’t want it to take up of your room space, but still use a floor lamp and not a ceiling one.