12 Tips for The Best Kids Bathroom Decor

Decorating a bathroom effectively is a challenge even for the best of us. In such a full space, you really need to think about the colors and textures you use so it will look styled but not overwhelming. When you get your own bathroom decorated to your liking, it’s easy to let the kids bathroom fall where it will. The towels end up on the floor half the time anyway, right? Except that the kids bathroom is the perfect opportunity to play with bright colors and themes because they’re the only ones to really see it. So rather than leaving your kids bathroom to beige and bare, take a look at these 12 tips for the best kids bathroom decor and create a fun and inspiring space out of a room they use daily.

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When you’re stuck with the major aspects of a bathroom, it can be frustrating to make your vision for the space into reality. But with a kids bathroom, all you need is a can of bright paint and you can go to town on the bathroom vanity. No matter what the top looks like, that eye catching color will be a reason to smile every morning.

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When in doubt, think yellow. Even if the rest of the kids bathroom is rather grown up, a bright yellow wall immediately makes things feel fun and fresh. Whether your home is modern or traditional, yellow will match. Basically, yellow is the perfect accent color for a kids bathroom, no matter what the rest of the space looks like.

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So you don’t want to paint or maybe your bathroom walls are covered in tile which means wallpaper is out. However a couple wall decals can solve your problem. It’s wall art that won’t damage the tile but it will make a huge difference in the look of your kids bathroom. Now you only have to decide if you want to go under the sea or the rubber ducky route.

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Of course we couldn’t leave out a kids bathroom with wallpaper. As is the case with colors, a kids bathroom is just the place to play with large fun patterns. Pick a wallpaper covered in starfish or ducks. If your kid has an affinity for flamingos, go for that. The possibilities are endless as are the wallpaper options.

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Many bathrooms have some kind of theme, even if that just revolves around a color, and a kids bathroom should be no different. You could go classic with ducks or fish… or you could do something unique like a book character. Imagine your child’s delight in taking a bath in a room filled with Dr. Seuss or The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

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Are you wanting to turn an adult bathroom into a kids bathroom on a whim? No problem. Just take out all the extra things like rugs, towels, cups and vases and replace them with brighter versions. In a neutral bathroom, you can easily create a rainbow theme by using all the colors.

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You don’t have to go neon to make your kids bathroom fun and friendly. Hit up your local antique dealer and find some pieces that are fun and not too valuable. A vintage duck print, a metal storage box, a beat up stool that can be painted, it takes a little imagination but you’ll make a room that is totally unique.{found on wendyobrienid}.

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Speaking of storage, bathroom storage is probably the most important kind of storage there is. All those towels and bath toys and shampoo bottles need a place to call home. Make some kid friendly storage in your kids bathroom so they can be independent about bath time prep and cleanup.{found on dcarch}.

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One of the easiest ways to create a kids bathroom is to shop your house and aim for bohemian styling. It enables you to grab an unused basket, the fun striped towels and a potted plant and create a relaxing bathroom without spending a dime. Bohemian also makes it easy for your kids to help!

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If styling a kids bathroom seems overwhelming to you, start here. By simply replacing the shower curtain, you’ve put a whole new look on your room. Shop the different patterns and styles and decide if you want your kids bathroom to be bright and punchy or soft and calming. Bonus points if you let them help you pick.{found on seaside-construction}.

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Mirrors are crazy expensive and hard to really settle on. But rather than buy a new bright mirror for your kids bathroom, paint the one you already have. When there is a wooden frame, you’ll be surprised how even a coat of contrasting paint can really make the room instantly seem kid friendly.

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While some of us are decorating on a budget, there are some who have everything their hearts desire. If that sounds more like you, go ahead and give your bathroom a major makeover. On those tile walls, create pixelated images of your child’s favorite character. Ducks, cats, rabbits, Mario, whatever makes them smile at the end of the day.{found on romanspiridonov}.