Tufted Headboards Designs That Bring Out The Beauty In Your Bedroom

You want your bedroom to look glamorous, sophisticated and elegant but you don’t want to spend a fortune on furniture and decorations. Well, have you tried adding a tufted headboard to your room’s decor? Just like the curtains, rug or lighting fixtures, it can have a pretty big impact on the overall look of the space as well as on the atmosphere in there. There are a lot of other bedroom furniture ideas and design options you could use to your advantage so try to keep everything balanced and cohesive.

One of the things that make tufted headboards so great is their versatility, the fact that they fit with pretty much every design theme, pattern, color palette and style. In other words, they’re not only for traditional and vintage decors. In fact, they’re quite popular these days, being widely used in modern and contemporary bedrooms, being appreciated for the royal touch they add to the space. Few headboard designs are as adaptable and customizable as this one.

The color of the headboard can coordinate with the nightstands or other furniture pieces in the roomView in gallery
The color of the headboard can coordinate with the nightstands or other furniture pieces in the room
Wood frame bed with tufted headboardView in gallery
The wingback headboard is both simple and classy, just what a modern platform bed needs
Blue leather tufted style bedroomView in gallery
Leather beds and headboards are more expensive and more difficult to care for. Still, they look exquisite
Deep blue tufted bedroom headboardView in gallery
The leather is beautiful, displayed here in a wonderful color that stands out regardless of the style

In addition to looking great, a tufted headboard also has a practical side. When you’re sitting in bed, reading a book, watching TV or surfing the web on your laptop of iPad, it provides you with a soft and comfortable surface to rest against. The padding also impacts the decor and the ambiance of the room. A bedroom with a tufted headboard feels cozy, warm and inviting, no matter what style is. Moreover, the headboard adds texture to the room and you can use this detail in your favor when planning the rest of the decor.

Framed small headboard with tufted designView in gallery
There are a lot of different shapes a headboard can have and they each have a name
Gray tufted headboard and blue accens for beddingView in gallery
Keep the tufted headboard simple and neutral and bring color into the bedroom in a different way
Gray tufted headboard designView in gallery
Custom-made headboards can be created according to specific requirements
Large gray tufted bedroom headboardView in gallery
The fact that the headboard becomes wider than the bed allows it to stand out in a subtle way
Letto michetta velvet tufted bed frame and headboardView in gallery
Extra tall headboards stand out and look dramatic but the opposite can also be an interesting design idea
Princes girl bedroom with tufted headboard in pinkView in gallery
The shape and size of a tufted headboard can determine its visual impact on the room decor
Tufted bedroom headboard designView in gallery
Tufted headboards are both visually impressive and comfortable
Solid wood bed with tufted satin headboardView in gallery
Some beds come with a built-in headboard but a lot of times you can customize this part however you want

This brings us to other details such as the materials the headboard is made of. There are quite a few options. Leather and velvet and among the most expensive materials and they also need lots of maintenance. If you want something cheaper and easier to work with, consider cotton. Keep in mind that the material you choose for the tufted headboard should go well with the bed and the existing fabric in the room as well as its overall theme.

Teenage girl bedroom with a pink tufted bedView in gallery
This is quite the bohemian design, the kind a girly bedroom needs in order to look glamorous
Tufted bed design with small couch on the bed foothView in gallery
Match a tufted headboard with a tufted sofa or armchair for cohesion
Tufted grey bed designView in gallery
The simpler the form , the more modern a furniture piece is. The lack of ornate details also indicates that
Velvet mustard tufted tall headboardView in gallery
For bedrooms with high ceilings, consider a high tufted headboard. It would be visually imposing and quite cozy

How you get in the possession of a tufted headboard is another story. There are several options. You can get a ready-made one which you can find in stores, you can have one custom designed or you can build one yourself. Custom designed headboards offer a few perks. They can feature a specific shape and color and they also include built-in features such as back lighting. It’s an option you should consider if you want your bedroom decor to be unique and special.

Bedroom furniture set in solid wood and leather tufted bedView in gallery
The leather headboard in this case matches the armchair but contrasts with the cabinetry
Luxury bedroom set in white with blue tufted headboard and armchairsView in gallery
The neutral tone of gray is a nice match for the ornate form of the headboard
Men cave masculine bedroom bed in leather with tufted designView in gallery
Since a tufted headboard is a focal point for the bedroom, you should keep the rest of the decor simple
Elegant Tufted bed in satin or velvet wiht foot benchView in gallery
Tufted headboards are known to add a royal touch to the room they’re in
Pink Princes bedroom design with tufted headboardView in gallery
Complement the curves of the headboard with a beautiful chandelier or pendant lamp

DIY headboards are an interesting option. Consider it if you enjoy such projects or if you enjoy the casual charm that handcrafted items have. Teen bedroom furniture often includes such accent pieces. Let’s say you want to build your own tufted headboard. You’ll first have to decide on a shape. As it turns out, they have names like Alexander, Belgrave, Barkeley, Cleveland or Grosvenor. Once this part is figured out, get some foam or mattress pads and secure them to the board with a thin layer of thin batting or fabric. Then cover everything with muslin and staple the fabric in place. Then start the tufting. You’ll need waxed thread, buttons and a long upholstery needle.