St Regis Chicago: Built With Unique Wind Resistance

St Regis Chicago is a massive skyscraper in the city’s skyline. It’s Chicago’s third-tallest building, passing the Aon Center after its completion. This skyscraper is primarily for luxury residences and hotel rooms.

St. Regis Chicago: Construction

St Regis Chicago

St Regis Tower Chicago is 1,198 feet with 101 stories. It’s the world’s tallest building designed by a woman. Architect Jeanne Gang from Studio Gang Architects designed the structure.

Construction began in 2016 and finished in 2020. It has 1,414,000 square feet of floor space, and it’s located right by Lake Michigan and the Chicago River.

At first, it was called Wanda Vista Tower because it was going to house the first Wanda Vista Hotel in the US. Magellan Development Group partnered with Wanda Group for the $1 million project, but in 2020, Magellan bought out Wanda Group’s half of the project.

Then, Magellan partnered with St. Regis Hotels & Resorts to maintain the building’s purpose. The tower is built to house 393 condominiums and 191 hotel rooms.

St Regis has three main segments that get narrower the further up they get. They were built with six different types of glass. The building is made with columns that go inward and outward rather than directly up.

Wind Resistance

Toward the top of the building, there are several uninhabited “blow-through floors” to reduce the amount of swaying in the wind. St Regis also uses six tanks with more than 400,000 gallons of water to counteract the wind.

The segments of the tower are connected using dual-core shear-wall assembly and a reinforced concrete spine. The outer walls are perforated with window openings. All of these design features protect St Regis from the wind.


Most of Chicago St Regis contains condos, including one bedrooms, two bedrooms, three bedrooms, four bedrooms, and Sky 360 Penthouses. The condo interiors were designed by Hirsch Bedner Associates.

The smallest units are the one bedrooms, which have a minimum of 1,017 square feet. The largest are the penthouses, which have five bedrooms and up to 6,986 square feet.

Some resident amenities include a pool, spa, golf simulator, lounge with panoramic views, fitness room, cinema, children’s club, drawing room, and dog lounge. The business also hosts year-round events for residents.

St Regis is along the Chicago River and only a short walk from Lake Michigan, so every unit has gorgeous views.

Upcoming Hotel

The St Regis hotel Chicago was planned to open in 2022, but it hasn’t begun operations yet. It keeps getting delayed because of supply-chain problems, causing the business to make changes to hotel room designs.

St. Regis Chicago vs Aon Center

When St Regis was completed, it surpassed Aon Center for the third-tallest Chicago building. Aon Center is 1,136 feet tall, so it’s 62 feet shorter than St Regis.

Aon Center is a consistent rectangular shape from top to bottom while St Regis has three segments of varying sizes. St Regis stands out more because of the blue glass exterior.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Are the St Regis Chicago Condo Prices?

The luxury condos range from $840,000 to $18,500,000. To find out current pricing, you can fill out an inquiry on the website.

What’s Near St. Regis Chicago?

St Regis is within walking distance from Millenium Park, Maggie Daley Park, the Art Institute of Chicago, and Navy Pier.

Will St Regis Chicago Be Open to the Public?

Once the St Regis Chicago hotel opens, the lobby and restaurant will be open to the public, but for now, it’s only occupied by residents.

What Other Buildings Has Jeanne Gang Helped Design?

Studio Gang has designed many other structures, including Writers Theatre in Illinois, Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation in New York, and MIRA in San Francisco.


St Regis is one of Chicago’s newest skyscrapers, and it’s now one of the city’s tallest buildings. With its three segments and unique columns, it’s hard to miss in the skyline.

If you’re looking for luxury living in the city, St Regis has lots of condos. Soon, it will have spacious hotel rooms for visitors too.