Elements to Make Your Man Cave Decor More Stylish and Fun

So, you have a space for a man cave…now what? Besides the must-have big screen television, the rest of the decor is up to the guy that will be hanging out there. From sports themes to home bars or game rooms, the types of decor that can go in a man cave vary greatly. Some man caves are rustic and rugged, while others might be more refined and upscale. Not sure what that means? Check out some of these ideas that run the gamut from a little stereotypical to luxurious, lavish and different.

How to make the man cave more stylish nowadays

Chic Bar

A chic bar is an ideal spot for any get-together.View in gallery
A chic bar is an ideal spot for any get-together.

What man cave is complete without a bar? Sure, it’s possible to create one that revolves around your favorite sports, but another option is making one that’s chic enough to host your next bourbon tasting or even cocktail party. A quality surface for the bar itself elevates the whole area into an upscale space and lighted shelving can highlight glassware or bottles of your favorite spirits.

Or a Bar With a Humidor

A bar cabinet/humidor can also be a master work of art.View in gallery
A bar cabinet/humidor can also be a master work of art.

For something a little more compact but more dramatic, consider a piece like Toncelli’s Vice cabinet. Not only is it a bar cabinet, but it also incorporates a humidor. The exterior is a customized work of art, handcrafted in a magnificent wood inlay design. Inside, there’s plenty of room to store all your bar and cigar necessities.


Even homes in warmer climates can use this kind of “fire.”View in gallery
Even homes in warmer climates can use this kind of “fire.”

New technologies make it possible to include automatic fireplaces in locations that you might never have dreamed would be possible. Fireplaces that use LED lighting and water vapor to create a flame-like appearance give you all the ambiance with none of the fire risk. These types of fires also don’t require any special venting. This means you can install it in spots that would otherwise be dangerous.

High-Top Seating

High-top seating gives a man cave the feeling of a bar.View in gallery
High-top seating gives a man cave the feeling of a bar.

If the man cave has room for extra seating, there’s nothing like a high-top set to give it the feeling of your local sports bar. This type of seating is great to position near the main bar or behind the sofa with a view of the main television in the space. It’s also useful for staging snacks or other items when you have friends over.

A Sprawling Sofa

A Sprawling SofaView in gallery
A man cave sofa has to be casual and comfortable.

Besides the television, the second most important element in a man cave is the sofa. You’ll probably want one as large as possible to accommodate all your sports buddies. This isn’t the time for a fussy design: Pick something casual, comfortable and carefree. Montauk Sofa is a great brand because their sectionals can be arranged to create a massive and comfy spot.

Quirky Furniture

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Quirky pieces can be fun and functional.

A man cave can also be the perfect place for quirky piece of furniture like this enclosed chair by Quintus Kropholler. What looks like a space pod is a great place for crawling inside to nap, read or game – and you could also still see the television. It has an industrial feel which is great for almost any kind of man cave.

Pizza Oven

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Adding a pizza oven means no running off to the kitchen.

A guy’s got to eat and if you and your buddies are into food, adding a pizza kitchen to a large man cave can be a fun option. This one from Monogram includes a built-in pizza oven that makes cooking up great pies a breeze, without having to leave the cave to run to the kitchen. In fact, this can expand the use of the space for casual entertaining or family pizza nights.

Industrial Flair

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Pieces with industrial flair work well in a man cave.

When it comes to décor, if it’s not oriented toward sports of some kind, it ought to feel a bit industrial. This fabulous light fixture is made from a real airplane wing, which is really different and a great conversation piece too. A man cave is the perfect spot for industrial pieces that make the room feel a bit edgy and unique.

A Space That Has it All

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This may be the ultimate man cave!

For the man who has the budget and the space, it’s possible to create a personal cave that has it all as this one does: A bar, a game area with a pool table and a comfortable place for viewing the latest sports event, all in a clean and super stylish design. There’s also a fireplace for atmosphere and coziness.

Retro Decor Pieces

Retro pieces are good for all kinds of man cave decor.View in gallery
Retro pieces are good for all kinds of man cave decor.

Lots of retro pieces have a masculine edge that is ideal for man cave decor. Old style lighting fixtures or those that have a little retro industrial feel are easily worked into this type of space.  Clocks made from upcycled pieces, old toys and vintage furnishings upholstered in worn leather will add some style to a space that is sometimes more of a mishmash leftover household items. (Or totally devoid of accessories!)

Animal Heads

Animal heads make for interesting wall decor.View in gallery
Animal heads make for interesting wall decor.

While some might consider an animal head cliché, if there’s any space in the house where it belongs, it’s the man cave. These relics of decades past can be picked up in vintage shops and estate sales. Those who don’t want a dead animal hanging on the wall can opt for replicas made from other materials. Some brands even offer cardboard animal heads that are quickly assembled and hung.

Funky Sculptures

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Animal sculptures can be a fun addition to man cave decor.

Man caves don’t have to be devoid of art, nor does the art have to be cheesy. (No dogs playing cards on velvet required!) That doesn’t mean the art can’t be fun. Adding some sort of funky sculpture to the space adds a quirky element for no other reason than making people smile.  Sticking to the animal theme, these wild animals range from mouflons to boars and represent amazing artistic talent that formed the metallic horns along with the rest of the creature.

Vintage Diner Elements

Old-fashioned signs and pieces like jukeboxes work well in a man cave.View in gallery
Old-fashioned signs and pieces like jukeboxes work well in a man cave.

Neon lights, advertising signs and old-fashioned jukeboxes are ideal for man cave decor. They are colorful pieces that keep the fun vibe going. These can also be found at flea markets and resale shops, as well as auctions. Or, there are companies that replicas of almost all of these elements. Not only are they attractive decor, but they are also conversation pieces prevent the space from truly feeling like a cave.

Game Tables

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Game tables of all kinds are perfect in this space.

Darts, foosball, billiards — any type of game is a perfect addition to man cave decor. Let’s face it, the guys can’t just watch TV down there all the time, so game tables add an element that really ups the fun factor. The great thing is that nice tables, like those for poker, for example, are available for a modest sum. Or, with a bigger budget, custom designed game tables of all sizes can be made to meet a guy’s specific desires.

Dramatic Lighting

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LIghting in the man cave should be well panned.

If the man cave has a dramatic feel, it calls for some dramatic lighting too. For the adventurous types, a black feather pendant lamp adds a little saloon-style flair. The contemporary design is a metal ring with individually hung ostrich feathers. Hang it over a bar od in the corner over a chair. For a little-understated drama, a black glass pendant will also do the trick.

High-Tech Furnishings

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Video gamers may like to have a techno style man cave.

A man cave that’s focused on video gaming ought to have a more high-tech look than one that’s all about sports. Getting a stylish high-tech look starts with the furniture, which should have a futuristic feel but still be comfortable for hours of gaming. The Tonelli Naked Glass Chair by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni is a great seating choice. The glass frame with visible chrome-plated hardware supports a leather sling seat that is just the ticket for a techno feel. Side table and other pieces should echo the tech look.

Hanging Seats

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Man caves should also include a place to retreat for peace and quiet.

You might think about cocoon chairs as more for the patio, but they can fit right into man cave decor as well. Ideal for a Saturday afternoon nap, they’re also good for lounging and, situated properly for watching television. While a cocoon seat isn’t likely to be a lot of use for when friends come over to watch sports, it is a wonderful private retreat.

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Artsy cocoon chairs add more than just seating to the space.

If the idea of a nest-like seat is appealing, it’s possible to go a more whimsical route with one of the seats by Porky Hefer designed to be like an actual nest. From the wool-lined tree nest to Hefer’s funkier animal nest chairs, there are plenty to choose from. The range includes alligators, killer whales and a pelican, among others. Adding this nest chair to a man cave also introduces a major piece of art into the space.

Table and Chair Groupings

Man caves need plenty of seating and small tables.View in gallery
Man caves need plenty of seating and small tables.

Whatever the style of man cave decor, the room will need places for people to sit and set down food and drinks. Sure, a sofa and coffee table are standard with a television, but if the space has game tables and other areas, chairs and occasional tables are a must. Those not paling might want to sit down and watch and everyone will need the small tables. This element is about being functional as well as having fun. Here, comfortable chair is paired with Ilda occasional tables by Poliform that have hand-finished bronze bases and tops of marble or resin.

Bathroom Fixtures

Any bathroom space should fit with the main man cave area.View in gallery
Any bathroom space should fit with the main man cave area.

Some man caves may have a powder room attached or nearby, so keeping it in the man cave’s style is also a good idea. Dark fixtures with dramatic lighting and hardware can carry through the feeling of the main space. Here, the Diamond freestanding sink vanity from Maison Valentina has a wood base finished in high gloss black varnish. Inside, the cabinet is clad in gold leaf, which ties in with the faucet. finishing. This style goes well with man cave decor that is focused on gaming, scotch and cigars.

Stylish Desk

Double-duty spaces should have attractive furnishings.View in gallery
Double-duty spaces should have attractive furnishings.

Sometimes a man cave has to do double duty as a home office space. In that case, it’s important to choose a stylish, masculine desk that has an interesting design because the room should still feel special. The aptly name Mogul desk from Georgetti is a great example because it is spacious, has a unique design and uses a combination of materials. Warm wood surrounds the glass inserts and the main part of the desk is clad in leather. It’s a piece of furniture that is beautiful enough to have sitting out while hosting a poker game in the room or watching sports with friends.

Extra Seating

Some type of portable, extra seating is a must for the man cave.View in gallery
Some type of portable, extra seating is a must for the man cave.

Even if the man cave’s decor includes a sofa and various chairs, there will be times that extra seating is needed.  Forget the tacky folding chairs and opt for benches and stools that are far more stylish. Some examples from Oscar Maschera include the Caballito blanco lungo bench designed by Nestor Perkal. the metal mesh base keeps it light enough to move around and the leather covers add comfort for sitting. The smaller leather stool named the Jimmy Sue, designed by Claude Bouchard for Oscar Maschera is very compact and versatile. In fact, you could add a tray to the top for an extra table surface if needed.

These are just some of the ideas for man cave decor that go past the stereotypes that come to mind when considering this type of space. The most important driver for the style of the space is the personality of the man and the way the room will be used. From there, it’s just a matter of sitting down and planning out what you want in the man cave that fits the space the budget. Planning and decorating this special space should be as much fun as using it!