Studio Wall Shelf

Wall shelf has become an important section of the storage furniture, and also a high quality decoration to the rooms.The Studio Wall Shelf allows you to move it from place to place featuring an elegant and functional system storage for a modern office. If you need more storage areas than one rectangular surface, the Wall Shelf might be for you and is available for 300$.

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What I first noticed about this shelf was the fact that it was not suspended on the wall, but rather leaning on it. It looks like a ladder with wider steps that are actually the shelves. Then there are these small bits of wood that become larger and larger as the distance from the walls gets bigger and they are used to support the shelf and secure it against the wall in order to avoid accidents like falling on the side and breaking or spreading all the things on the shelf.

Studio Wall Shelf2

The shelf is black in colour and makes a nice contrast with the white wall and also offers you the possibility to display smaller things on the upper part of the shelf and larger ones down, so it ensures a great visual impact.