Starfish lamp

Starfish are among the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen. I am still not sure what kind of animals they are, but they look so nice and fragile, somehow being a link between the sky and the ocean – not real stars, but not really marine animals either. Well, I love starfish , but I do not want to have them as pets as it would be nearly impossible. But I do love having different objects around me that have starfish patterns. And starfish lamps are some of them.

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You can find different models in the stores or even on the Internet and all you have to do is choose the model that you like best and order it. As you can see from these pictures starfish models can be made of different materials: wood, metal, cement or you can even use some real dried starfish that you found on the ocean shore. This is the most realistic possibility and the nicest. You can stuck the dried starfish to the foot of a lamp you keep on your bedside table and you will have your favorite starfish lamp. Or maybe buy the best looking ,model and wait for the parcel to arrive and bring it to you. Here are some useful web sites: Amazon, Newport Nautical Decor, Bakati and more.

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