Spine wall shelf for narrow spaces

Shelves are great in any home because they allow you to place them anywhere you want and, because they are mounted on the wall, you can save a lot of space by placing them above other pieces of furniture. There are the well-known shelving designs that occupy almost an entire wall, which are great, but they don’t really give you many options. Smaller versions are the best ones as they give you the freedom of changing their location, plus they look elegant too.

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Here’s a design that it not impressive in terms of dimensions but it’s a real life-saver. This small shelving system is very narrow and this makes it great for small spaces. Also, it’s a piece that could very well complete your interior design as it can be placed in tight spaces where you couldn’t normally fit anything. But because this shelving system is so narrow, not only that it makes a great piece to fill out the remaining space, but it also provides you with some extra storage space for books, CDs, DVDs and other objects.


It’s a very simple piece, made of wood. The dimensions are 8.25″l x 7.25″d x 36.75″h and it comes in a chocolate tone. Mounting hardware is included. It would make a great choice for the living room, for the bedroom, even for the bathroom even though wood is not the best choice in this case. The piece is available for $79.