Spectacular Garden Takes Advantage Of The Sloping Californian Topography

Hilgard Garden is a landscaping project by San Francisco-based Barrensfeld Architecture. It’s part of a private residence in Berkeley, California. The garden was designed to take advantage of the sloping topography of the site and to also eliminate the need for a traditional staircase in the backyard which would otherwise reduce the square footage.

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The garden is organized into a series of terraced planting areas that slice their way up the hill. They provide access to the upper level patio. Angular, concrete walls with occasional steel armor were covered with beautiful vegetation.

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The green steps start at the bottom where there’s a beautiful white granite patio with a reflecting pool and a very unusual fence made of water-jet cut steel screens. They go all the way up to the terrace from where panoramic views can be admired.

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This unique home and garden combo is nestled between two neighboring townhouses. It has the perfect outdoor living and entertainment area: chic, refreshing, sculptural and one-of-a-kind. The layered platform was inspired by a Japanese park and it cascades down the steep landscape. At night, a series of light strips guide you through the garden and navigate through the trees.