Sparkling “Comet” Pendant Light

Comets are celestial bodies which inspired man to all sorts of superstitions. The way it makes appearance on the sky, like a dying star, man attributed to its celestial “show” different meanings. It is said that if you se a “comet” , it means that someone died that moment or another superstition says that if you see a “comet” , you should make a wish which will may come true.

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No matter the superstitions are the “comets” will always glow beautifully on our sky and will offer us a wonderful show.This “Comet” Pendant Light is a beautiful and sparkling object which you might use for your living room. Although it is called “Comet”, it looks more like a beautiful flower, made of beautiful, transparent crystals. It is a wonderful lamp which will create a special atmosphere. Now all your wishes will come true if you think it looks like a “comet”, so you are a lucky person.