The Smart Home Countries of Europe

The smart home industry has seen significant growth in recent years and has expanded way beyond smart plugs and speakers. Today many of us are purchasing smart TVs, eco-friendly thermostats, remote control appliances, and even fully integrated security systems. But which European countries are most interested in kitting out their homes with smart appliances?

Intrigued to find out, the home design experts at Homedit analyzed Google searches for products like ‘smart tv’, ‘smart lights’ and ‘smart security’ in the 20 most populated European countries to find out which countries are Googling smart home appliances and equipment the most, and thus can be crowned the smart home country of Europe.

The European Countries Most Interested in Smart Home Tech

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The United Kingdom tops the table to be crowned the smart home country of Europe. With a whopping 229,860 Google searches a month for smart home appliances, on average, it’s no wonder that the UK secures the number one spot. The most searched for smart home appliance is a smart TV, with an average of 165,00 searches made every month.

Smart TV was followed by:

  • Smart plugs – 12,100 searches
  • Smart speakers – 9,900 searches
  • Smart thermostat – 8,100
  • Smart kettle – 6,600

Placing in second is Germany, with 107,480 searches for all smart appliances per month, on average. Just like the United Kingdom, smart TV is also the most searched for item with 90,500 average searches per month.

Other popular smart home tech in Germany include:

  • Smart locks – 4,400 searches
  • Smart thermostat – 2,900 searches
  • Smart garden – 2,900 searches
  • Smart fridge – 1,900 searches

The Netherlands secures the third spot with a monthly average of 66,640 searches for all smart appliances. Our analysis found that 60% of those searches were from people looking for a smart TV – 40,500 monthly searches to be exact.

Smart TV was followed by:

  • Smart thermostat – 14,800
  • Smart plugs – 2,900
  • Smart fitness – 2,900
  • Smart hair dryers – 2,400

In fourth place is the famed fashion and art capital of the world, France, with 51,160 searches per month, on average. The most popular searches are smart TV (40,500 searches),

Other popular smart home tech in France include:

  • Smart Oven – 9,900 searches
  • Smart Plugs – 480 searches
  • Smart Thermostat – 110 searches
  • Smart Toaster – 30 searches

Rounding off the top five is Spain, with the country racking up a total of 50,220 searches per month, on average. Along with the rest of the top five, the highest searched for item is also a smart TV, which is Googled a total of 49,500 times on average, per month.

Smart TV was followed by:

  • Smart Plugs – 480
  • Smart Washing Machine – 70
  • Smart Security – 50
  • Smart Fridge – 40

The European Countries Least Interested in Smart Home Tech

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In first place is Poland with an average of 1,030 searches for all smart appliances, on average, per month. However, unlike the top five European countries, Poland’s most searched for smart appliance is smart plugs with an average of 390 monthly searches.

Other smart home tech of interest includes:

  • Smart fridge – 140
  • Smart kettle – 140
  • Smart locks – 90
  • Smart garden – 70

Romania is next with only 960 searches per month, on average, for smart appliances. The country’s most searched for smart home device is a smart hoover, receiving 390 searches each month. This was followed by smart thermostats (320 searches), smart fridges (90), and smart speakers (70).

Third place goes to Hungary with 110 average monthly searches for smart appliances – 229,750 less than the top European contender, the United Kingdom. Unlike the top five, the most searched for smart home products for Hungarians are for a smart thermostat & smart camera, both equating an average of 30 monthly searches. Thereafter, other smart tech of interest to Hungarians include:

  • Smart washing machine – 20
  • Smart fridge – 10
  • Smart TV – 10
  • Smart Computer – 10

Known for its sun-bleached ruins and piercing blue skies, Greece comes in second to last place with less than half of Hungary’s average monthly searches. On average, Greeks search 50 times a month for smart home appliances, with their top searched item being a smart TV which receives a total of 20 searches, on average, each month.

Other popular smart home tech to Greeks are:

  • Smart Hoover – 10
  • Smart Fridge – 10
  • Smart Speakers – 10

In the last place is Serbia, with only 10 monthly searches for smart appliances in the country, on average. Our research can reveal that Serbians are searching for smart TVs the most, with 10 searches each month.

The Five Most Searched Smart Home Appliances

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After finding the European countries most and least interested in smart home technology, we sought to find out which products are the most searched for.

Beating other smart home equipment by up to 483,450 searches, and becoming a smart home favourite, is the ‘Smart TV’. Offering internet connectivity and a range of on-demand and app features, it’s no wonder why an average of 512,950 searches are made for this product every month.

Keeping the European people cool and toasty, the ‘Smart Thermostat’ comes in second. The home air temperature system receives an average of 29,500 searches each month, on average.

In third place is the Wi-Fi engineered ‘Smart Plugs’ with a monthly average search of 19,250 across Europe.

‘Smart Tumble Dryers’ come in fourth place with an average of 18,320 monthly searches across Europe.

Taking the fifth spot is the ‘Smart Oven’ with an average of 13,820 monthly searches. Looks like the European population prefer to watch food being cooked than cooking up a storm.


  • The top 20 most populated European countries were picked for this research. The highest populated countries were found from
  • A monthly average search volume was used by
  • A translation website was used to translate the 22 searched words (Smart TV, Smart Locks, Smart Thermostat, Smart Garden, Smart Fridge, Smart Plugs, Smart Speakers, Smart Washing Machine, Smart Toaster, Smart Lights, Smart Camera, Smart Kettle, Smart Oven, Smart Security, Smart Tumble Dryers, Smart Hoover, Smart Freezer, Smart Hair Dryers, Smart Dish Washer, Smart Computer, Smart Laptop, and Smart Fitness).
  • Data was collected on 19/11/2020.