Shape Shifting Cube Lamp by Ewa Garniec

Nowadays technology evolves and advances so fast that we an hardly keep track. Lamps and lighting features are changing also.

We really like this lamp that was created in Poland by a Polish designer Ewa Garniec. You can change the lamp’s shape, since the materials used in the design are actually somewhat soft. Also, all of the materials used in this lamp are recyclable, including its sponge-like packaging and the aluminum base. It’s a very fun feature.

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Another advantage is that you can’t break it. We all know hoe easy it is to break a lamp. It usually happens by mistake, but still, once you break it it’s no turning back. You’ll either have to buy another one or you’ll have to read in the dark. Thanks to this ingenious creation you’ll never have to worry about that anymore. Plus, because it’s so soft and easy to change its form, it’s a great way to release stress and it’s also child-friendly.