Rustic and Eco-Friendly DIY Wood Coasters

Once you have your own house you also become more responsible and more attentive with all the things that you have invested in it. Each of us wants to have a clean and new place to live in so that we can feel nice and comfortable. So we become more careful with the things we use and have inside.

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The pieces of furniture are really important and pretentious and some coasters are really some compulsory items in case you want to keep them clean and safe. Coasters help you to preserve your furniture clean and in good state so that you cannot damage its aspect and design. As they are so important and perhaps you would like to show your originality and your eco-friendly spirit, here it is a nice DIY project that might help you.

You can create your own rustic and eco-friendly DIY Wood Coasters that can be made of a single tree branch. The materials that will be necessary to you are: a dry tree branch, mitre saw, sand paper, polyurethane, paint brush. Now you are ready to start working by cutting 1/2 rounds of the tree branch using the mitre saw. Then you need to sand these cut offs and apply three coats of polyurethane to seal each coaster. Your work is done and now you can take advantage of these practical and rustic DIY Wood Coasters which can become a wonderful present for your friends too.{foudn on sweetspot}