Ruler Box for the Office

There are a lot of things that you need when you sit behind your desk and most of the times they are very tiny. That is why you cannot find a place for them because you need to store them and also have them handy, but you don’t want to accidentally spread them on the floor. That is why you need a secure place for your office pins, stamps, erasers, post-it notes and so on. This Ruler Box for the Office might be the perfect device you have been looking for. First of all it is small, so it will not take a lot of space on your desk.

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Then it is shaped like a long container made of wood with several little cubbies inside where you can separate the different items you want to store there. Third, it looks like a ruler on the sides, which can be really helpful when you need to measure something, to underline or simply to tear some piece of paper in a straight line. This ruler box is perfect for your desktop and it has a retro style in design, which may be very appealing to many. It is made of wood and has a nice time patina and it is available for $18 on Twine.