How To Find The Best Roof Inspections Near Me

Roof inspections should be done at least once a year. They can help you keep your home and your family safe. When your roof isn’t stable then there is an array of problems that may occur. 

What Are Roof Inspections

But sometimes, the cheapest way to fix a problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place. That’s why regular inspections are important for your home. One of those inspections includes roof inspections. 

What Are Roof Inspections?

As expected, a roof inspector inspects your roof to see if there is any damage or anything that may cause problems. While there are many contractors that claim to inspect roofs on the side, there are also roof inspector specialists.

These companies are roofing companies that either install and repair roofs, sell roofing materials, or simply inspect roofs and hire separate contractors to address the problems. All of these companies can be roof inspectors as long as they do inspections.

What Does An Roof Inspector Do?

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A roof inspector has many jobs and all of them relate to the roof. But it isn’t just a simple check to see if all of the shingles are in place. A roof inspector does a lot more than that. Here’s everything that they do. 

Look For Leaks

The number one reason people call for roof inspections is that they have a leak in their home. So of course all roof inspectors know how to check for leaks. It starts with signs of water damage.

Check Wear And Tear

Uneven roof planes and signs of sagging are one of the easiest things for a roof inspector to check. So are missing shingles or any damage done to the roof. These are also easy to notice and the first thing the inspector will do.

Keep A Look Out For Moss

Moss can grow on roofs and wreak havoc on your home. While it may look cute and cottagecore-like, it is not a good thing. Not all moss is healthy and it can also weigh down on your home and cause a collapse. 

This can be devastating, so call someone to have them remove moss and prevent it from coming back if you notice any on your roof at any time. It can be tempting to keep it but please, get rid of the moss.

Inspect Masonry

If you have a fireplace, then there may be cracks in the chimney that are causing problems. Roof inspectors always check masonry work around the roof, both inside and outside. Ask them to do so if they don’t on their own.

Most of the time, it is easy to repair the masonry. You can even do it on your own but it is better to hire a mason to do the job right, especially if you have little to no experience making repairs on your own.


The roof inspector will check any vents connected to the roof. They will start with the rubber seals around them to ensure water cannot get inside. Sometimes, the seals just need to be replaced.

Other times, the vents need to be cleaned out, repaired, or even replaced. Vents can cause a lot of problems so have someone check your vents often as well, even if it isn’t a roof inspector who does so.

Underside Check

Roof inspectors will always go inside of your home, often in the attic. Here they will check for water damage, mold, or anything else that may be fixed by roof repairs. If they refuse to go inside, then hire someone who will.

Improper Installations

Sometimes, it isn’t time or accidents that cause your roof to fail. It’s improper installation. The roof itself needs multiple layers, including installation and weatherproofing layers. So the inspector may ensure that your roof has this. 

This can be frustrating if the improper job is a new one and you just paid thousands of dollars for it. But it is better to catch any problems early then let them sit until they become even bigger ones.

Check The Gutters

What Are Roof Inspections

A good roof inspector will always check the gutters. They may mention that the gutters need to be cleaned before they resume the inspection. This is normal because if the gutters are full, they won’t be able to check them.

Skylights Etc.

If there is anything sticking out of your roof, like skylights, the roof inspector will check around it and even on it. Not just for seals, but for cracks, or loose windows that need to be replaced to prevent leaks.

Final Notes

After the inspection, your roof inspector should give you a report labeling every problem and everything that has been checked out. If they don’t do this, then you need to ask them to do so. If they don’t, then call their company.

The list should include everything that you need to fix and may even have numbers to call for each problem. If not, then that is okay. Some inspectors will repair the roof themselves while others will have you hire separate contractors. 

When To Get A Roof Inspections?

If you are calling a roof inspector after a storm or after you have problems, then you aren’t doing it right. This will work fine in the long run but you’ll spend a lot of money on problems that could have been prevented. 

A better option is to have your roof checked about once a year. Winter is the worst time for roofs due to cold temperatures and icy weather. The snow itself can weigh down on a roof and cause a lot of problems.

So the fall is the best time to call for an inspection. Just keep in mind that it is the busiest season so consider scheduling it in the summer for the fall just so you can be sure you get yours done before winter.

How To Find Roof Inspections Near Me

What Are Roof Inspections

If you are having trouble knowing if the inspector you are considering hiring is a good option then you are not alone. But all you need are a few tips that will help you find that perfect contractor or company for the job.


References are very important when it comes to hiring any professional. You can call the company or contractor and ask them for references or you can find people who have hired them and ask them how it went. 

If the company says they can’t provide references, then find someone who will. This is very important. That’s why it is better to go by word of mouth when it comes to references. Find someone you know to refer you.


Prices are important on both ends. If the contractor is offering to do the work for $15/an hour or less than $100 for the entire job, then you don’t want to hire them. A typical inspection will cost more.

That said, if they are charging you over $500 just for the inspection and not any repairs, then they are shooting too high. Aim for a company that is charging around $200 to $300 for the safest bet.


Reviews mean a lot, but if they are real. You can’t always trust online reviews because they may have been written by the company or by someone the company hired to leave a review. So be careful.

No company with more than a few reviews will have perfect feedback. Take a look at the reviews that aren’t as great to find out the problems people have faced. Find out if they are consistent and if they are problems that bother you.


It will be cheaper and more efficient to hire someone that works near you. While you may not be able to find a company in your own town, you should be able to find one that is within an hour of you.

This is a good distance to work with. Any more than that and they may not serve you. If they do, they may charge more than you’d like to pay. Always ask for any differences in pricing depending on location. 


Not all roof inspectors will have the tools and the knowledge that you need. If you are facing specific problems then you need companies who have specific skills. So let them know the problem before they arrive.

Sometimes, you may need to shop around a little before you decide on a contractor. Don’t just choose one in one afternoon and call it good. Give yourself some time to make the best decision for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Long Do Roof Inspections Take?

Roof inspections take about an hour or less. It depends on the size of the roof and the severity of any problems. You can expect to pay for an hour of labor.

What Is The Most Common Problem Found During Roof Inspections?

The most common problem found during a roof inspection is leaking. This can be due to sagging in the roof or missing shingles. Perhaps even storm damage. 

Are Roof Inspections Covered By Insurance?

Roof inspections may be covered by your insurance company. The way to check is to call your insurance company and find out. You may be able to switch to a plan that does cover them if they aren’t already.

How Much Do Roof Inspections Cost?

A roof inspection will cost a couple of hundred dollars. Sometimes, you may pay $100 while others you will pay $500. Try to get a quote beforehand so you won’t have unexpected costs. 

Can I Do My Own Roof Inspections?

About 99% of the time, homeowners can’t do their own inspections. They can find leaks, they can see missing shingles, but they can’t check for all of the problems during an inspection.

In general, you can actually let your roof go for a few years if you haven’t had any problems. You can get by with inspections done by yourself for the first five years of the roof’s life. From then on, it’s best to hire a professional.