Remote-controlled Up & Down Lounge Sofa

Who would have thought some time ago that sometime in the near future even the furniture items would be remote controlled? This fine red couch is one of the latest trends in the furniture industry and can easily turn into a bed.

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Designed by the Italians Ammannati & Vitelli, this couch/bed is based on a steel structure, structure that is covered with a high quality red leather. Instead of a normal pillow, this couch/bed has incorporated a cylindrical support meant to sustain the head in the both forms that this piece furniture can take: either as a couch, or as a bed.

The lateral support is also based on a metallic structure which has incorporated a sort of a pillow – but it is a support pillow- from red leather and filled with a soft material. The support isn’t movable, but it helps a lot as its users are prevented from falling down in both of the forms that this furniture piece can take.{found on  i4 Mariani }