Recycled Plastic Outdoors Planter

Winter is not the best season for apartment plants, so I can’t wait for the summer to come , so that I can take all my plants outside, where they thrive. They need the sun warmth and light, but also the water we pour in the planters. Oh, of course, and they need the planters that hold them and keep them in the ground. Well, nowadays there is a real trend of recycling everything around because of all the pollution in the world, so people started recycling plastic, too. It is a known fact that when obtaining plastic items you need a lot of energy and you create a lot of air noxes, so recycling plastic seems like a good idea. This recycled plastic is now used for making outdoors planters.

969315This special planter was created by Loll Designs , a Minnesota-based company that produced many items for outdoors. The planter is very nice to look at and also very useful, as you do not need to make any maintenance for it in any kind of weather. No season is difficult enough for this planter and it is not affected by weather and climate. The planter is big enough to hold a big plant, even a small fir-tree that you can use as a Christmas tree next year. The item is now available for $169.