10 Ingenious Ways To Turn Milk Crates Into Furniture

We’ve seen how versatile wine crates can be, not to mention bottles which make great vases. But these are not the only things which you can repurpose. Milk crates, for example, can be useful as well. They may not have the charm of wooden wine crates but this doesn’t make them any less functional. There are plenty of options to choose from if you want to turn milk crates into furniture for your home.


A milk crate buffet is one of the things you can use these things for. Such a furniture piece will offer plenty of storage space and there are many ways in which it can be customized. There are no drawers in this case, just open cubbies. An interesting idea can be to use milk crates of different colors if you want the buffet to stand out. On the other hand, a more uniform look would be better if you want the piece to blend in with the décor.

Sisal rope ottoman

A single milk crate can be useful as well. You could, for example, turn it into an ottoman. You can find a tutorial for such a transformation on dwellinginhappiness . You’ll need some sisal rope, fabric, a foam cushion, some wood and, of course, a milk crate. Start by wrapping sisal rope around the crte. Secure it with glue. Then cut a piece of wood to fit inside the lip of the crate. Trace its shape onto the foam cushion and cut it out. Cut out some fabric as well and make it bigger than the cushion so you can staple it to the back of the wood. Make a handle so you can easily lift the lid off the crate.

Repurposed milk crate into a stool

A similar option is to turn a milk crate into a stool. This should be a fairly easy project which you can complete in about 2 hours. Start by spray painting the outer metal parts of the crate with a color you like. You can choose to let the metal inside as it is for some patina. Then make a pillow for the top. Measure and cut some fabric and make a pillow case. Fill it and place it on top of the milk crate. {found on theboondocksblog}.

Another milk crate into an ottoman

Turning a milk crate into a comfortable ottoman is not a difficult project and there are many different tutorials to choose from. One is offered on knickoftime. The padded seat in this case was covered with grain sack style fabric. A stencil was then used to add a vintage logo onto the fabric. What’s great in this case is that the ottoman can also be used as a storage container.

Green milk plastic crates for toys storage

Another tutorial showing how to turn a milk crate into a cute ottoman with built-in storage can be found on hoppykindergarten. After painting the crate to make it look cute and playful, a comfortable seat was added. It has handles so it can be easily lifted to access to the storage space inside.

Milk crate bench seat

Individual stools or ottomans are definitely cute and easy to make but they’re not your only option. A bunch of milk crates can be put together to make a bench which would be perfect for your garden or deck. In addition to the crates you’ll also need some plywood, spray paint and foam mattresses or cushions. Cut the plywood and make some holes down the length. Stick zip ties through those holes so you can later attach them to the crates. Then layer your fabric, batting, foam and plywood and staple them together. Now you can upholster your crates and turn them into a comfortable bench. Check out delicateconstruction for more details.

Milk crate bench seat

If you have a bunch of empty milk crates and you’re missing a desk, this is the perfect opportunity to start a simple DIY project. You can stack the milk crates and connect them with zip ties. Use some wood from a pallet to make a top. This can be your desk. If you want, you can also use additional milk crates to add some storage to your desk.

Tv shelving units

Milk crates are very handy and can be used in a lot of projects. If you want to build a shelving unit, for example, you can use milk crates to make a sturdy frame and base for it. You can paint the crates if you want to also add some color to the shelving unit.

Storage crates for wardrobe

Of course, the most basic use you can find for a milk crate is as a storage container. You can use these crates to organize your closet. You have the crates placed on shelves and you can label them so you easily find the item you need. You can use these crates for small items and accessories such as scarves and other things. They’d also be useful in pantries.{found on abeautifulmess}.

Wooden shipping crate table

There’s also another piece of furniture you can do with pretty much any type of crate. If you add some caster wheels to it you can turn it into a mobile side table or into a nightstand for the bedroom. In addition, you can also use it as a storage container. Add a lid to it with a handle so you can flip to access the interior. Find out more about this project on infarrantlycreative.