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Simple Wall Lamps You Can Just Plug In And No Electrician Required

If you’re looking to upgrade the lighting design in your home, a plug-in wall lamp or sconce is a great way to go without having to retrofit a hardwired fixture to your electrical system.

Simple Wall Lamps

You’ll find a vast selection of plug-in fixtures that mount to walls, and depending on your taste in décor, you will likely run across a number of options that appeal to your senses. How do you choose one for your home? Take a look at the information below to help you start shopping.

What to Look for in a Plug-In Wall Lamp or Sconce

The most important aspect of these particular fixtures is to assure that they are plug-in operation, so you don’t need an electrician to hard wire them into your home. Depending on your location, you’ll want to make sure the plug-in wall lamp you choose has an adequate cord to reach the nearest available outlet, since you don’t want to have extension cords running all over the place.

You also need to pay attention to the profile of the wall sconce, as you want it to be applicable to the space. If it protrudes too far from the wall to be safe or useful in your chosen location, you’ll want to pass it by. Also, make sure it’s rated for ample wattage to provide you with the necessary lighting you need for whatever tasks you’ll be performing in the space.

1. Tetlin 1 – Light Dimmable Plug in Wall Sconce Armed

Tetlin 1 - Light Dimmable Plug in Wall Sconce Armed

The Tetlin Dimmable Plug-In Armed Sconce is unobtrusive but stylish so that it blends into any space, with a carefully designed contrasting finish between the arm and the shade in order to give a more modern twist to a traditional design. With a 180-degree swinging arm, it’s easy to reposition the light as needed so that you have plenty of illumination overhead for the task you want to complete.

This plug-in lamp is convenient to power, as well as control, with dimmable features, and the metal construction is durable and reliable. The lamp is 24 inches long, giving it great reach, and this wall lamp weighs a mere 5 pounds, so you don’t have to worry as much about mounting it to a stud. The swing arm lamp comes with a one-year manufacturer limited warranty to help assure you can get assistance should there be any manufacturer defects.

2. Kamren 1-Light Plug-In Armed Sconce

Kamren 1-Light Plug-In Armed Sconce

The Kamren Plug-In Armed Sconce provides style with an accentuated double flare design, crafted from iron for sturdiness and industrial appeal. The double-jointed arm swivels horizontally, with the shade offering a vertical swivel for maximum motion and positioning. The black finish assures an elegant look that blends in regardless of the space or style of decor. Directed lighting from this source provides ample illumination or any project, work, or reading application.

While this picture is not dimmable, be armed sconce can be positioned to provide more or less direct light as required. The manufacturer recommends using a bulb with a maximum 40-watt output. An inline switch is provided, and a 6-foot means easy reach to an outlet. The armed wall sconce comes with 1-year limited warranty to protect against manufacturer defects for your peace of mind. This fixture is UL listed.

3. Hamden 1-Light Plug-in Armed Sconce

Hamden 1-Light Plug-in Armed Sconce

The Hamden Plug-In Armed Sconce is styled with the classic look of an overhead lamp, such as you might find in a diner, with an updated color palette and design features. With a 72-inch cord that plugs into any outlet, this one light sconce from Sons is convenient to install with no hard wiring required. Use it at your kitchen table, in your bathroom, as a bedside lamp, or in your reading nook for convenient, diffused, direct lighting. The bowl-shaped metal shade softens the lighting of a single 60 watt bulb that is controlled by a standard rocker switch that comes with the product.

The cottage white finish lends a farmhouse style to this otherwise mid-century modern style lamp. The rust brown and black accents along the edge add an elegant layer to the overall appearance. The fixture is 17 inches in height and reaches out 14 inches, weighing only 5 pounds despite its sturdy metal Construction.

4. Lower Hounsley 1-Light Plug-In Armed Sconce

Lower Hounsley 1-Light Plug-In Armed Sconce

The Lower Hounsley Plug-In Armed Sconce is another wall mounted unit that brings the Hollywood Regency style home to roost. This metal design features a square backplate, a slender curved arm, and a shade of frosted glass that is pill-shaped with a very mid-century appeal. While this fixture does not come set up to dim, you can easily retrofit a dimmable switch and bulb so that you can control the ambient lighting to your satisfaction.

A clear cord is provided, so it won’t stand out as a plug-in device but also does not require hardwiring. The manufacturer recommends using nothing brighter than a 40-watt bulb for best performance. This arm sconce has a reach of 24 inches, so it can accommodate as desired for reading, working at a desk, or as a bedside lamp at night. This wall sconce is Energy Star compliant, as well as rated for commercial or residential use, and comes with a one-year product warranty.

5. Birchanger 1-Light Plug-In Armed Sconce

Birchanger 1-Light Plug-In Armed Sconce

The Birchanger Plug-In Armed Sconce has a very basic appeal, with minimalist features and a contemporary element to the design, while also bringing in hints of more traditional lamps. This armed wall sconce makes a dramatic impression by taking a simple metal stem and attaching a suspended frosted white glass globe that provides ample ambient lighting in any space. While it is always recommended to mount fixtures to a wall stud, this wall sconce is extremely lightweight, coming in at 3.5 pounds, which means finding a stud is not necessary.

It is recommended that you use a bulb with a maximum 60-watt output to get the most out of this light fixture. It also protrudes from the wall a mere13 inches, which makes it great in small spaces and narrow corridors, such as hallways or stairways, where additional lighting may be needed. An 8-foot cord means that you will have no trouble finding and using an outlet to power the arm sconce. The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty for both residential and commercial use, and this particular fixture is California Title 20 and Title 24 compliant.

6. Zara 1 – Light Plug-In Swing Arm

Zara 1 - Light Plug-In Swing Arm

The Zara Plug-In Swing Arm Lamp has a utilitarian design that is anything but boring in nature, taking basic elements of lighting and dressing them up with style and pizzazz. With a dual swing arm, you get a multitude of positions so you can precisely illuminate the area you desire with ease, and the fact that you get up to 22 inches of extension means you have a large reach to cover a larger area. The metal construction and clean lines provide a sleek, contemporary aesthetic that could be at home in a modern loft or a mid-century modern home.

The sconce comes with a 30-inch cord cover so that the 6-foot cord doesn’t stand out. While you don’t have a dimming option, the shade swivels so you get more or less direct light as needed. You should use a bulb with a maximum output of 60 watts, and you can take advantage of a 1-year limited warranty. The wall lamp is UL listed as well as California Title 20 compliant.

7. Emmy Studio 1-Light Plug-In Armed Sconce

Emmy Studio 1-Light Plug-In Armed Sconce

The Emmy Studio Plug-In Armed Sconce is easy to install and provides a nice, decorative source of light to any space. This sturdy fixture is made from recycled metal, which makes it both unique in its appearance and better for the environment. The industrial look is reinforced by a double-jointed arm, as well as a black finish and a very basic conical shade. You’ll need only one bulb, preferably with an output of 40 watts or less, and a plug and play operation makes it easy to use.

When fully extended, the wall sconce has a 28-inch reach, and the entire product weighs less than 4 pounds, so if you can’t find a stud in which to mount it, you still don’t have to be concerned that it’s too heavy to support. The armed sconce isn’t dimmable, but you can position it to increase or remove direct lighting.

8. Aayden-Jon 2 – Light Plug-in Armed Sconce

Aayden-Jon 2 - Light Plug-in Armed Sconce

The Aayden-Jon Plug-In Armed Sconce has an interesting take on a two light wall mounted lamp, with one globe directing straight off the wall plate and the other suspended by an arm beneath. You’ll find that the opal glass and the contrasting metal base and finish bring to mind the opulence of days past, particularly the Hollywood Regency era.

Powered by a plug and outlet and conveniently operated by a standard in line switch, the fixture can be mounted anywhere, from bedside to hall lighting applications, with a low profile that doesn’t take up a great deal of space. Use low-wattage LED or CFL bulbs for best performance. The product is UL listed, meant for residential use only, and comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty.

9. Jefferson Swing 1-Light Arm Lamp

Jefferson Swing 1-Light Arm Lamp

The Jefferson Swing Arm Lamp is crafted from metal for a sturdy, reliable lighting source that also elevates your space with unique style and charm. The rectangular back plate and slender arm are finished with a delightful antique bronze tone that keeps the wall lamp classy and refined, while the shade is a woven tan linen, a luxury material that adds value and softness to the fixture.

The arm can extend anywhere from 12 to 22 inches, making it versatile so you can light your space as needed, swinging the arm into position for optimal direct lighting. The light is also dimmable so you can change the ambiance to match your mood. The lamp is UL listed, comes with a 1-year warranty, and is California Title 20 and Title 24 compliant. In addition, it’s ADA compliant, MET listed, and ETL listed.

10. Satin Brass Birchanger 1-Light Plug-In Armed Sconce

Satin Brass Birchanger 1-Light Plug-In Armed Sconce

The Satin Brass Birchanger Plug-In Armed Sconce is a single light dimmable fixture that brings dramatic style and reliable illumination to your bedroom, hallway, bathroom, reading nook, office, or study. The stainless-steel stem is thin and created with a sturdy, minimalist design and then paired with the timeless appeal of a frosted glass globe suspended from the arm. The full effect is a perfect contemporary addition to any space, providing diffused light that makes it easier to focus on the task at hand.

The eight-foot cord makes it easy to mount the fixture anywhere and still find an accessible outlet for power. The manufacturer recommends that you use a bulb with a maximum power requirement of 60 watts for best results. You get a 1-year warranty on the product, and it is ADA and TAA compliant as well as California Title 20 and Title 24 compliant.

11. Cyrus 1-Light Plug-In Armed Sconce

Cyrus 1-Light Plug-In Armed Sconce

The Cyrus Plug-In Armed Sconce brings to mind steampunk design, blending industrial aspects with both classic and modern elements to create a unique appeal that works with any décor. A narrow clear glass bowl acts as the shade for the single bulb, and it is attached to a pulley operated swing arm, making it a great conversation piece or just a fun part of your overall design. It’s ideal for small spaces with a low profile and can be retrofitted anywhere with an outlet, as it’s a plug-in fixture.

While you can use a standard incandescent 60-watt bulb, using an Edison style bulb adds to the vintage appearance. The lamp is rated for both commercial and residential use, and in either application, it’s covered by a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects. It’s also rated as California Title 20 compliant.

12. Bargas Swing Arm Lamp

Bargas Swing Arm Lamp

The Bargas Swing Arm Lamp gives you the reminiscent feel of luxuriating in a high-end hotel room, with a similar style to fixtures found in the swankiest hotels. With a functional design that is easy to power with a cord to plug in and even easier to operate with independent control for each of the two lights, the style and design work well for bedside use, as well as in any room of the home to enhance illumination and elevate décor.

It comes with a 30-inch cord cover so that you don’t have the cord hanging out in the open, and even the high end white linen shade is hardbacked for sturdiness, attaching with an acrylic diffuser. This is a low-profile fixture, at only 18 inches long and protruding only 12 inches from the wall. The entire dual lamp only weighs 5 pounds, so if you can’t find a stud, you can still mount it on the wall without worry.

13. Perch Swing Arm Lamp

Perch Swing Arm Lamp

The Perch Swing Arm Lamp is a contemporary take on a traditional design, with the classic elements of a cloth shade and swing arm, fashioned in a more modern style. The cantilevered arm is anything but traditional, squared and angled and able to swing a full 180 degrees for precise positioning, while the soft white cotton shade is larger than average and can rotate 350 degrees so that you can direct the light as desired.

It incorporates a stem, or metal cord cover, so the plug-in function is not readily noticeable with a cord swinging down the wall. It can support a bulb that requires up to 150 watts of power. With a coffee bronze finish, it’s decorative and elegant. It’s rated for residential and commercial use and backed by a manufacturer warranty, so you have peace of mind in a quality purchase.

14. Andalusia 1-Light Plug-In Tan Flush Mount

Andalusia 1-Light Plug-In Tan Flush Mount

The Adalusia Plug-In Flush Mount Wall Lamp provides a unique design that creates ambiance and peace in your favorite location while also offering excellent quality light. The unique Mokhtar shade mounts flush to the wall and is crafted from iron and perforated to diffuse the light from the single bulb within. The hexagonal shape is unique, and the shade includes only half a canopy to keep the light from being too bright.

It comes with an 8-foot cord for power that can reach an outlet from practically any location and a rotary switch for easy control. It’s rated for use with a maximum 40-watt bulb. The tan finish makes it applicable in any space, regardless of the color scheme. The fixture is UL listed and warrantied for residential use only.

15. Electrum 2-Light Plug-In Armed Sconce

Olmstead 1 Light Dimmable Armed Sconce

The Electrum Plug-In Wall Sconce is anything but boring, with a design that will get people talking as soon as they take note of your specific taste in design elements. Bringing in a scientific thread with the double helix design of the sconce itself, swirling around two bulbs in polished brass and nickel rods that flute into the shape of the sconces, the gold finish gives it elevated appeal, a brilliant fixture that stands out among other décor.

The lamp is rated for bulbs with a maximum of 40 watts of power consumption. Choose to mount up and down or left and right, with a fully reversible mounting option. The bulbs are not included, and there is no cord cover, so you’ll want to invest in those yourself.

16. Auderghem 1 – Light Dimmable Spotlight

Olmstead 1 Light Dimmable Armed Sconce

The Auderghem Dimmable Spotlight Wall Lamp offers you multiple options for size and finish so that you can match it to the décor in any space and find the right fixture for your needs, regardless of your taste and color scheme. The classic finishes of either aged brass or burnished nickel add a classic element to the overall appearance, while the construction and shape of the fixture are ultra-modern.

Because it is rated for damp location, this particular wall lamp could even be mounted outdoors, under cover, as long as you have an outlet available, as it is a plug-in operated light. Formed of brass, this wall lamp includes a 4-watt bulb, and when replacing it, you should choose a maximum of 6.5 watts per the specifications. The fixture has a 1-year limited warranty for residential use only.

17. Olmstead 1 – Light Dimmable Armed Sconce

Olmstead 1 Light Dimmable Armed Sconce

The Olmstead Dimmable Armed Sconce uses hand painted wood texture and an open concept design to create a quaint farmhouse feel to the fixture. The rustic design of the three metal bands that wrap around the single bulb is capped with notable hardware, proliferating the newly urbanized look of farmhouse classic décor.

With the mixed metal and carefully textured appearance, you’ll find that it has a beach house feel as well, making it perfect for any space you can imagine. The steel wall lamp is dimmable, so you can brighten it for illumination to complete a task or dim it for mood lighting. It’s rated to support a bulb up to 75 watts and can be used in a residential or commercial application with the 1-year warranty intact. The fixture is UL listed and easy to install with plug-in operation.