Playful capsule hanging lamps

If you’re looking for something fun to decorate your house with you should take a look at these funny hanging lamps. They are shaped like capsules and made from 2 parts: one is colored and one is white in order to diffuse the light. They emit very soft and relaxing light, perfect for a bedroom for example. You can choose to instal them as a single unit to create an intimate atmosphere, or to group them bu choosing multiple items for a dynamic and playful design.

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The Capsule lamps are available in three color options: grey, camel and kiwi. They are very fun without having and exagerated look or design and they are also very easy to assemble.

These unusual funny hanging lamps are designed and manufactured by MIO and they include free shipping to anywhere in the continental US. Each one of them would make a very beautiful and unique piece for almost any room of the house. You can include them in your bedroom for a relaxing and romantic atmosphere or in the living room for a funny touch.