Using Pink To Decorate Your Kid’s Bedroom – 15 Design Ideas

Pink is the go-to color when it comes to decorating girls’ bedrooms and, although it’s a common color in this sense, it’s not easy to work with. Simply deciding you’re going to use pink is not enough. This is a color which can become overwhelming if used excessively and don’t make the mistake of thinking there’s no need to be extra careful when creating the décor because kids can be quite the investigators and they’re great at finding even the smallest mistake.

Vertical stripes are great if you wish to make the ceiling seem higher

The designs we’ve gathered here vary from simple to sophisticated. Some include eye-catching accent details such as polka dots on the walls and ceiling, canopy beds, ornate furniture, etc. overall, they all share a modern look. They were designed to be functional, child-safe, friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Color can also be incorporated in the furniture
Choose a warm and neutral color palette and complement it with pink accents
Try to personalize the décor with a huge painting or some other feature
Include lots of storage and choose multi-functional furniture to save space
A glass walls or a huge window changes the décor in more than one way
Play with different shades of the same color for a dynamic look
Too much furniture can become overwhelming so keep the room simple
A cozy window is always charming and allows you to include some extra storage
Open shelves are a great idea because they’re easier to access by the kids
A canopy bed is a must-have in any princess bedroom
Such a bed should be the focal point of the room
Two bold and vibrant colors can look great together if used wisely
Play with patterns and give the room a fun and playful look

Pink bedroom decors are usually very charming and princess-like so, if you choose this shade as the main color you could also pick a theme to go with it. For example, get a canopy bed , lace lamp shades or a stylish chandelier. There are numerous ways in which you can incorporate color in a room’s décor. For example, use it on the walls. It can either be one colored accent walls while the rest remain white or you can choose to paint stripes or other patterns. Explore these possibilities, find inspiration in our examples and come up with your own suggestions.