Pink and White Room for Your Baby Girl

When your children are big enough to express their likes and dislikes it is a lot easier to arrange their room because you know exactly what will please them. But when they are babies, really small, the parents get to decide for them. And they normally choose pink for the girls and blue for the boys. But if you want to avoid getting fed up with seeing only one color, you can combine them with white and you can’t be wrong.

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Let’s take for example this amazingly cute pink and white bedroom for a baby girl! It is actually a combination of different pieces of white furniture bought from different furniture shops and a pink background of the walls, plus all the nice little accessories. If you are a bit creative you will “innovate” an Oriental decor for the girl’s bed, made of a few flower pot supports and some pink veil. I invite you to admire the small details that make the room complete like the nice-looking photo frames, the pink sofa meant to be used by the nanny, the “army” of toys and the really nice and natural baskets colored in pink and white.

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