Pillows Talk In Colors And They Tell The Story Of Your Home

We often talk about accent features and things that add color to your home’s décor and make it stand out from all other home decors. These things include items such as lamps, artwork and, most often, pillows. Throw pillows are commonly used to spice up the interior décor in a room. They give character to the space and they are often the element that connects the whole décor and makes it feel complete.

Geometric patterns.

Modern room
Simple geometric patterns work best in simple décor and modern spaces

Geometric pillow living
When choosing a bold geometric pattern it’s best to opt for a subtle color

But using accent pillows is not exactly easy. You can’t just throw them randomly on the sofa and expect the room to instantly look better. You need to pay attention to all sorts of details. For example, you need to think of the color scheme for your interior décor. It doesn’t involve just the pillows and the other accent features but the whole room and everything in it.

Themed pillows.

Themed pillow
Your throw pillows can follow a theme and they can match some of the other accent elements
Marine themed pillow
You can match the pillows with the lamps, artwork or with anything else in the room
Themed design
Sometimes even a simple pattern can reflect a theme in the décor
Sailor nursery
You can use all sorts of hints to create a themed interior décor and colors play an important role

When you think of colors, there are two options you could choose from. One would be to choose throw pillows that have similar colors with those used throughout the rest of the room and the other would be to choose something completely different that would instantly make the pillows stand out from everything else. Remember the three main shades: the primary or the main color which is used for the walls, the secondary color which is used for the furniture and other large elements and the accent color used for things like the pillows.

Bold patterns.

Bold patterns
When using pillows as accent features, the goal is to create a focal point
Bold pillows
You can alternate bold prints and patterns with bold colors

Aside from the color, you also need to think of the pattern when you choose throw pillows.You can mix patterns for a more dynamic effect or you can them to make a very simple design or color stand out.Strong geometric patterns are always interesting to look at. They work well in modern and contemporary spaces. When you use a bold pattern, the color tends to fall on second place. It’s best to opt for either one or the other. A strong color combined with a bold pattern can be too much.

Floral patterns.

Floral pattern
When opting for floral patterns, try to choose natural colors
Sunroom floral pillows
Floral patterns used in interior décor make a room feel cozier and more inviting
Open space living room
Paste shades work wonderfully in combination with floral patterns

Floral patterns are also very popular. They have been used for a long time now and they always adapt to the style currently used and the influences.Floral patterns are often associated with a more rustic or vintage décor so you could use this detail to your advantage when you’re decorating in order t create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in the room.

Pattern and solid mix.

Mix patterns
To create balance and to attenuate a certain detail, you can mix patterns with solids
Mix patterns1
The pattern and the solid can share the same color or color palette

When using multiple patterns, it would be best to also use the same color palette for all the pillows. You can use as many patterns as you like as long as the common denominator is color.

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