Philippe Starck Miss Flower Power Vase for Kartell

A vase is an item we probably all have in our homes. It’s one of those things you know you must have in your home, although we don’t all use them regularly as decorations. A very nice detail about vases is that their primary function is to provide a fresh environment for plants and flowers. You put them in water so they can last longer and so you can enjoy them more. But a vase is also a decoration by itself that doesn’t necessarily need beautiful flowers to stand out.

Philippe starck miss flower power vase for kartell

A large vase such this one can be a very nice decoration for a modern home. You can put it in the living room, in a corner, by the fireplace, by the sofa or anywhere else you want. You can fill it with fresh flowers or you can use anything else you want. The vase has an imposing stature. This also makes it a nice decoration for other spaces as well. For example, you could display it at your front door entrance. It could be the beautiful detail that welcomes your guests before they even enter your home.

The Philippe Starck Miss Flower Power Vase was designed by Kartell and it comes in three versions, the only different between those being the color. The available colors are white, black and red, a very classical and elegant trio. You can use them as a set, in pairs or as single decorations. They make wonderful gifts and lovely accent pieces for all types of decors. Their simple design also makes them very versatile.