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Gorgeous Outdoor Wall Art Ideas To Make Your Patio Area More Welcoming

Turning your house into a place that you feel comfortable returning to at the end of the day is a mandatory thing, but that isn’t just limited to choosing the right furniture and interior decoration elements.

Outdoor Wall Art ideas

If you are lucky enough to have a yard, as small as it may be, investing in its design will make you want to spend more time outside. If you are the least bit passionate about having a beautiful home, both inside and out, here are some things you should know about outdoor wall art.

Why You Need Outdoor Wall Art

When you’re looking to spruce up the yard, you’ll be happy to know that there aren’t that many elements to take into consideration in comparison with what you need to look out for as you’re opting for indoor furniture and decorations. There are still a few colors that you can turn to if you want to get the best matches and effects, but it’s not that complicated as it is for inside decorating. You are, therefore, allowed to be more creative when choosing patio wall decor.

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Then, it’s very easy to switch one outdoor wall art piece for another, as they are easy to remove (well, at least most of them are). If you ever have a change of heart and would like to opt for something new, you are free to do so without going through too many headaches.

Besides, if you have children, they will love to see the creative appearance of different kinds of outdoor wall art. This helps create an exterior space that will encourage them to spend more time outdoors, creating a beautiful yard for them to grow up in. The warm and inviting decor that will be found outside welcomes them to play in the great outdoors.

P.S. Did we mention the fact that outdoor wall art can help hide certain unaesthetic wall problems (such as cracks in the exterior wall)?

How to Use Outdoor Wall Art in Your Patio Decor

There are plenty of different ways in which a homeowner can use wall art for sprucing up their outdoor space. Some ideas that can put you on the right track include:

  • Customs signs and lettering for your yard. Whether that lettering spells out the family name, a welcoming message, or you just hang some giant numbers, this can really help add some personality to your exterior walls.
  • Don’t be afraid to turn to natural greenery when you’re redesigning your patio. That might not always count as being wall art, but it’s surely something that could turn a dull concrete wall into a welcoming and beautiful setup.
  • Who says clocks are designed solely for indoor use. With the right clock, you can have a gorgeous chill-out spot in the patio, a place where you can drink your coffee without losing track of time.
  • Some objects are perfect for outdoor use, and you should consider using them because they are more weather-resistant.
  • Don’t be afraid to use lighting to make your patio walls look cooler. There are all kinds of LED strips and lights that are suitable for outdoor use and can withstand all kinds of extreme temperatures. Whether you’re using lights to showcase an outdoor wall art piece or you use them as standalone lights to create a cozy ambiance, you can rarely go wrong.

Amazing Outdoor Wall Art Ideas

Ritenour Wacky Sun Wall Accent

Recycled Plastic Hinterland

This beautiful metal piece depicts a rather unusual representation of the sun, but it has a funky and playful design that we can totally get on board with. It’s made from 16-gauge steel and has a powder coating that makes it more resistant in the face of the elements. It measures 36″ H x 36″ W x 0.06″ D and represents a novelty piece that can withstand extreme weather temperature without any signs of fade or rust.

Ashlar Peacock Wall Decor

Recycled Plastic Hinterland

If you want something less abstract and easier to recognize, how about this peacock that could certainly add a drop of color to an otherwise dull exterior wall? It is made with a handcrafted process that ensures a quality outdoor wall hanging art piece, offering a housewarming vibe to your home’s exterior. It’s made out of iron and comes with LED lights that help showcase the piece at night. It shouldn’t be left outside in extreme weather conditions, even if it does have a bit of water and rust-resistance.

Nature Inspired Butterfly

Recycled Plastic Hinterland

Our next suggestion is a set of three adorable butterflies that will make adults and children gaze in contemplation of the beautiful design. Every one of these three butterflies comes in a different size and color, creating a realistic setup. The rust butterfly measures 14″ L x 11″ H, the mustard one is second with 17.5″ L x 13″ H, while the antique blue one is the largest, measuring 17.5″ L x 14″ H.

Larissa Dragonfly Outdoor Wall Art

Recycled Plastic Hinterland

Next up, we have this metal dragonfly that comes in a bunch of color combinations, with each of them being just as beautiful as the others. It measures 14.57” x 23.6” x 1.1”, and weighs less than one pound. It has a metal construction that allows you to keep this piece outdoors in a variety of weather conditions, but we do recommend storing it inside in harsh weather because the manufacturer doesn’t specify the level of resistance this gorgeous piece has.

Celestial Harmony Sun & Moon Wall Décor

Recycled Plastic Hinterland

When it comes to patio wall decor, celestial elements are something that never fail. Such is the case of this sun and moon wall decor, which could easily find its way on patios with different themes and decoration elements. Designed by artist Myers Hartley, this is a sculpture that’s made from resin and made to withstand UV rays without having the colors fade away. The brown and beige chromatic combination make it easy to pair this wall art with all kinds of color schemes.

Coaldale Welcome Sign

Recycled Plastic Hinterland

Another piece of outdoor wall art that you can’t go wrong with is a welcoming sign. Whether you choose to make your own or buy one that’s ready made, like this one over here, welcoming guests to your home is a sign that you’ve invested in creating a cozy and warm space for whoever decides to visit. The sign is made from wood and comes with painted white letters and a wreath design.

Westerlund Flourish Monogram Single Letter Sign

Recycled Plastic Hinterland

If you want to add even more personality to your outdoor decor, how about choosing a wall art piece that literally has your name on it? Well, it’s not your full name, but rather your initial, cut in a very beautiful and elegant way. Upon ordering, simply input the letter of your choice and have this 16-gauge steel wall art delivered to your doorstep. The sturdy metal construction is accompanied by a powder-coated finish to ensure long-lasting durability.

Grebasch Bougainvillea Path Rename Outdoor Wall Decor

Recycled Plastic Hinterland

Made with all-weather canvas, this is yet another piece that’s worthy of our attention. It measures 40” x 30” x 10” inches, which means that it can cover a generous portion of one of your outdoor walls. It boasts a waterproof construction and it’s UV protected so that prolonged sun exposure won’t cause the colors to fade away.

Qasim Double Crab Wall Decor

Recycled Plastic Hinterland

If you have a home with a coastal-themed decor, if you love the combination of blue and green, or if you’re simply just a crab lover, then you have to check out this patio decor piece. Made from metal and painted in hues of green and blue, this piece depicts two playful crabs with glittery accents (there’s something I’d never thought I’d write). The handmade wall art and its iridescent colors are astonishing and will add style to your patio, making it feel more alive.

Tropical Scarlet Macaws Wall Décor

Recycled Plastic Hinterland

I don’t know what’s more adorable: the vivid colors of this imposing wall art piece, the two playful macaws that look like they’re smiling, or the fact that they are actually named Margarita and Miguel. Whatever the case, we just have to add this resin outdoor wall art piece to this list. Measuring 22” x 9.5” x 5” inches, this outstanding decoration combines playful shades of blue, red, brown, and yellow, to create a piece that makes the entire outdoor setup look and feel more alive.

Farmhouse Daisies Decorative Front Door Sign

Recycled Plastic Hinterland

Although described as a decorative door sign, this is surely a piece that you can use as wall art both inside the house, as well as outside. Made from plastic, this decorative piece depicts a mason jar filled with daisies, in a very natural look. It is a fade-resistant piece made from lightweight PVC, which looks as if it is hand painted but is, in fact, printed. It measures 20.5” x 14” x 1.5” overall, and it should be taken inside in excessive heat that could cause the plastic construction to warp.

Recycled Plastic Hinterland

Recycled Plastic Hinterland

If you love things that are made from recycled plastic and you’re also on a mission to decorate the exterior walls of your home, we’d like to suggest the following product. It is a wall art piece that’s resistant to insects and mould, but might not withstand too much heat (in fact, most pieces that are made from plastic should never be exposed to high temperatures). Having a charcoal and discreet finish, this piece of outdoor wall art works in multiple setups, both formal and informal.


How do you decorate an outside wall?

There are multiple ways for you to take advantage of your exterior wall and decorate them to add color and personality to your yard/garden. You aren’t limited to wall paintings, as you can try anything from hanging mason jar candle holders to large and colorful house numbers. Keep in mind that natural greenery is always an option too.

How can I decorate a large wall cheaply?

Plenty of people hear the word “art” and think of something expensive, but there are so many ways for you to decorate your exterior walls without too much financial effort. Some suggestions include: painting your own large canvases and hanging them outside, placing floating shelves with all sorts of decorative items that you already own, placing a large blanket or a tapestry piece on the wall, and even printing out a large photograph, framing it, and hanging it outside.

What should I hang on my patio wall?

When it comes to decorating your patio wall, you are literally limited only by your imagination. You can choose a lot of playful things, or you can invest in more serious decor ideas to match a certain theme and style. Whether you choose to have suspended cabinets, make use of greenery to create your own natural decorations, or have wall art in the form of paintings, pictures, or posters, there really is no limit to what you can hang on your patio wall.

Bottom Line

Regardless of whether you choose to make your own outdoor wall art pieces or want to buy quality products from websites such as Wayfair, it’s important for you to invest in a good-looking yard. This further increases the warmth and coziness that one likes to see when turning a house into a home.