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10 Useful and Comfy Outdoor Bean Bag Chairs

I know that buying a bean bag chair seems like the easiest thing in the world to do. I mean, how can you possibly go wrong, it’s a bean bag chair! Even so, some of the best brands that make these chairs have pretty expensive models, so ending up purchasing a $500 bean bag chair only to find that it’s not what you expected can get a little frustrating. Today, we’re going to explore some shopping tips for bean bag chairs but we’re also going to talk about some of the best outdoor bean bag chairs we’ve seen so far.

Piper Outdoor Patio Pillow outdoor

Shopping Considerations

A few years ago, the bean bag chairs market used to be very limited, with these products being made in just a few sizes and with few fabric options. Today, bean bag chairs are of different shapes, sizes, and constructions, which is why knowing more about the types of products available can narrow down your options so that you can make a purchase you’ll be proud of and actually use. That being said, what are some of the features that set one bean bag chair apart from another?

Shape & Size

Most of us who shopped for bean bags a decade ago remember them being round. Today, you can find bean bag chairs in different shapes and sizes, and they can fit multiple people at once. If you’re looking for a small bean bag chair that doesn’t occupy that much space, you can find a small round one that can be tucked in a corner of the room.

Some bean bag chairs are designed to be regular sofas and can fit up to three people, maybe even more. You can also find rectangular bean bags that can fit into precise spaces, maybe between two armchairs or two sofa sections.

People who have plenty of room to spare can opt for a giant bean bag. These are super comfortable and some of them are the exact shape and size to make them perfect lounging spots for whenever you need to relax your body and take a break.


Back in the day, bean bag chairs were mostly made with a vinyl cover because it was a durable material. Even so, vinyl bean bag chairs also tend to get very sticky during the summer when your body starts sweating, which doesn’t make these comfortable for everyone (unless you turn up the AC when temperatures are too high).

Polyester and nylon bean bags have also been around for some time, and they continue to be highly used materials in the bean bag industry. They are often treated with special coating in order to create fade-resistant products that can also repel water.

Leather bean bags are a newer addition, but they are also worth considering because they are made with one of the most durable fabrics used in the furniture industry. However, leather bean bags also cost more, and people are typically willing to pay the extra price because they look super stylish.

Nowadays, you can also find cotton bean bags that are super breathable and comfortable to sit on. While cotton does have a lot of advantages as a fabric, it might not be the best choice for a chair material because it’s prone to stains.

Microsuede bean bag chairs are also an option worth considering because they are comfortable and soft, but they aren’t spill-resistant, so they pretty much fall in the same category as cotton bean bag chairs.


Determining whether you need an indoor or an outdoor chair is super important because there are not generally constructed alike. As you can imagine, a chair for outdoor use needs to be a lot more durable and its construction has to be focused on weather resistance and durability.

If you want an outdoor bean bag chair, you will have to consider products that have additional protection on the bottom side. Opt for products that are water resistant and can be easily cleaned.

Even if you want an indoor bean bag, you will have to consider where you’re going to use it exactly. For example, if the bean bag is for the kid’s room, it should definitely be made from a more resistant material (like polyester). If you plan to use it in the living room to play on your Xbox/PS, you want a chair that supports your back when sitting in an upright position.

1. Lavista Outdoor Loveseat

Piper Outdoor Patio Pillow outdoor

With perfectly enough space for two people, the Lavista loveseat is a perfect example of how much bean bag chairs have evolved in the past years. It is an outdoor sofa that measures 51.25 x 27.5 x 36. 5 inches with 14 inches seat height. The bottom is durable enough to withstand friction on abrasive surfaces.

The cover is made from premium coated acrylic and can be removed and washed with ease. It is also water and UV-resistant and promises to withstand more than 1.500 hours in the sun. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, but the rugged material and construction make this a really good choice for outdoor environments. The interior is filled with EPS beads that are both comfortable and supportive.

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Lavista Outdoor Loveseat
Lavista Outdoor Loveseat

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2. Arlo Outdoor Bean Bag Lounger

Piper Outdoor Patio Pillow outdoor

This bean bag lounger is the perfect way to enjoy some time in the sun while sitting extremely comfortably. In terms of construction, it resembles the Lavista loveseat quite a lot. It comes with an acrylic canvas fabric that stays true to its colors even when exposed to long hours in the sun, and its stain and water-resistant. The cover can be removed and cleaned in the washing machines.

The interior is filled with EPS beads that promise close conforming and support for your body. The lounger measures 18 x 26 x 72 inches, with a seat height of 8.5 inches. Overall, we’re looking at a lounger that feels comfortable in terms of body support, with a smooth fabric that feels pleasant against the skin, and a durable all-weather bottom for extra durability.

3. Tybee Outdoor Lounger

Piper Outdoor Patio Pillow outdoor


An outdoor armchair that conforms to my body shape? Yes, please! Everything about this lounger is perfect, especially if you buy a second one to share some quality outdoor time with someone in your family. It is designed to be comfortable and stylish, doesn’t occupy too much space (it measures 43 x 37 x 21 inches), and it’s resistant to weather.

The cover is made to be water and UV-resistant but also easy to care for since it can be removed and cleaned in your home washing machine. Like the other outdoor bean bag chairs made by Jaxx, this one is also filled with EPS beads. When not in use, it’s recommended to bring the lounger inside or cover it so that you can increase its longevity.

4. Palmetto Outdoor Club Chair

Piper Outdoor Patio Pillow outdoor

Great for both indoor and outdoor use, the Palmetto bean bag chair comes in seven different color options, covering both sober and vivid shades that will satisfy people with different color preferences. If you want to use this inside, you can opt for darker shades (like Slate or Indigo), while folks who want to add more sunshine vibes in their yard can choose the more vivid colors (like Tangerine and Aruba).

As far as construction is concerned, this chair stays true to Jaxx’s promise of delivering a resistant and comfortable bean bag chair, with EPS beads being used as fill and a water, stain, and UV-resistant cover that feels pleasant against the skin. The chair measures 42 x 42 x 28 inches in dimension and is a practical and flexible choice.

5. Lenox Outdoor Bean Bag Ottoman

Piper Outdoor Patio Pillow outdoor

Ottomans are great for people who want a bean bag that helps save space. The Lenox measures 36 x 36 x 17.5 inches and it is the perfect addition to a small yard where every square inch of space needs to be carefully put to good use. The inner core of the Lenox is crafted with four pods, each of them being filled with polystyrene beads which make this quite a firm ottoman. In fact, we’re pretty sure it can even hold your beer without spilling it.

The cover fabric is just as resistant as the one found on other Jaxx outdoor bean bag chairs and loungers, and it’s also removable and machine washable. Whether you use it as an outdoor chair, an indoor one, or use it as a table substitute, this ottoman is something that should find a place in your home ASAP.

6. Piper Outdoor Patio Pillow.

Piper Outdoor Patio Pillow outdoor


It’s time to get your festival mood on with an outdoor bean pillow that allows you to lay down under the sun, enjoy the coolness of a cloudy day, or even admire the starry sky at any time, from the comfort of your own backyard. Measuring 57 x 45 x 8 inches and with a durable construction that can withstand nature’s elements, this is the perfect pillow to throw in your favorite yard corner and just enjoy some chill-out time.

It doesn’t matter if you hide beneath the shade of a tree or want to get that yard tan on by the pool; the pillow comes with a machine washable cover that’s water and UV-resistant. The pillow is also pretty light, making it easy to move it around as you please (being perfect for those who like to hide in the shade and have to run away from the sun at all times to do so.

7. Finster Outdoor Lounge Chair

Piper Outdoor Patio Pillow outdoor

The Finster is one of our most favorite products because you can sit on it ever so comfortably and make every activity look like a vacation (yes, that includes sitting on it with your laptop and working). Measuring 47 x 40 x 25 inches, this lounger is perfect for outdoor sitting, and the fact that it’s lightweight makes it super easy to carry it around if you’re ever trying to evade the sun and hide under the shade.

Made with furniture-grade Sunbrella fabric, the lounger is super easy to clean (since the cover can be removed and washed) and can withstand nature’s elements because of its water and UV-resistant coating. As always, the inside is filled with EPS beads that take the shape of your body and provide you with an outdoor furniture solution that is about as comfortable as they get.

8. Lenox Arc Outdoor Bean Bag Bench

Piper Outdoor Patio Pillow outdoor

Time to move on to a different type of bean bag. The Lenox is shaped like an arch and it’s a bench that can hold two people comfortably. It’s great for sitting at the edge of the pool, and it goes really well when paired with one of Jaxx’s ottomans or perhaps a small table for holding your drinks.

The Lenox bench is designed with two pods that are filled with beans and provide good support without the possibility of sagging any time soon.  As this product is in line with the Jaxx standards, the cover is washable and resistant, while the EPS beads inside it are conforming. The bench measures 59 x 24 x 15.5 inches.

9. Tybee Outdoor Ottoman

Piper Outdoor Patio Pillow outdoor

Ready for another super cool ottoman that’s perfect for outdoor use? Note that the matching outdoor lounger is sold separately, so the product we’re looking at right now is just the ottoman you can see in the pictures on the product page. It measures 37 x 25 x 10.5 inches and it’s the perfect addition to a yard where you plan on spending more time.

The cover is machine washable and, much like the other covers used on Jaxx’s outdoor bean bags, this one is also sun and water resistant. However, if you want to increase its lifespan, move it to a covered place when not in use. This Tybee ottoman is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and provides a softer surface compared to the previous ottoman we’ve added to this list.

10. Piper Outdoor Patio Pillow

Piper Outdoor Patio Pillow outdoor

The last item on our list is another very comfortable outdoor pillow that comes with specifications worthy of a product in this price range. This is basically a pillow which is super flexible and can be folded or shaped to serve as a chair if need be. This is basically a more affordable version of the Piper Bean Bag Pillow Sunbrella, measuring the same 57 x 45 x 8 inches.

It comes with a removable and washable cover that’s designed to withstand some rain and not fade in the sun. Filled with polystyrene beads, this lounger has a moldable interior that can flex under the shape of your body, providing you with the exact level of comfort that you expect when all you’re looking for is to relax and take a breath of fresh air.


As long as you look for a durable and comfortable bean bag, who is to say these products don’t work just as well outdoors as they do inside?  With outdoor bean bag chairs, you need to focus on the quality of the materials used now more than ever, since sun and rain are both weather elements that could ruin a chair with a poor construction.