Orbits Lamp, recycled wine barrel hoops of galvanized steel

As the new generations become more sensitive about our planet’s fragility and excited about reclaiming, recycling and upcycling, the need of combining quality with innovative design becomes essential if we want to keep such public invested.

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Eco-conscious designers and skilled artisans create using discarded materials with that in mind, paying attention to details and putting extra care in quality standards. Amongst the most innovative and vastly appreciated ‘green’ materials is barrel oak recycled from discarded wine casks, neatly turned into solid furniture & home décor.

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But what about the hoops? Stil Novo Design’s striking Orbit lamp offers a solution that not only makes use of the galvanized steel hoops from the used barrels, but it also creates a fresh design that complements the contemporary trends of urban and industrial flavor.

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Orbits ceiling lamp has been crafted by skillfully weaving and welding together several metal hoops recycled from discarded French oak wine barrels. This unique lamp can be stylishly integrated into any trend of interior designing from the rustic to the more modern/edgy. Its considerable size can satisfy the need of a substantial piece in grand entryways, halls and high ceiling rooms.Available on etsy for $870.