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Olympic Queen VS Regular Queen – What’s the Difference?

Investing in a new mattress is not something to be taken lightly, as this is a product that will be stuck with you for years. We don’t mean to alarm or put any sort of unnecessary pressure on your shoulders, but buying a mattress that’s wrong for you can have a negative impact on your sleep which, naturally, affects your day-to-day life.

Olympic Queen VS Regular Queen

There are many things that you have to pay attention to before investing in a new bed, and size is just one of them.

Today we’re going to take a side-by-side look at the most popular mattress size in America versus one of the least popular ones. Without further ado, here is the battle between the Olympic Queen and the Queen-sized bed.

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All About the Olympic Queen Bed

All About the Olympic Queen Bed

If you haven’t heard about beds available in an Olympic Queen size, that’s because it’s not a choice that popular. In fact, buying Olympic Queen mattresses can be rather tough because they are difficult to find.


One of the main differences between the Olympic Queen and the Queen mattress is the size. The former is a bed size situated between the Queen and the King sizes, measuring 66 by 80 inches. Being 6 inches wider compared to its smaller counterpart, it can offer more movement space for couples and is actually on the most popular mattresses sizes for RV with big beds.

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Who’s It For?

Before you venture off thinking that you need an Olympic Queen mattress, let’s determine first who is better off sleeping on such a bed:

  • Because it is difficult to find, Olympic Queen mattresses aren’t for people who want to buy the first mattress they see, but instead are willing to do a little bit of research to find a mattress in this size option.
  • If you’re sharing you bed with a partner and you ever felt cramped because there’s wasn’t enough wiggle room, the Olympic Queen mattress might be the right choice for you. While it may not seem like much, those 6 inches extra in width will make a difference.
  • The fact that the Olympic Queen mattress isn’t that expensive compared to a Queen-sized bed, it is also suitable for people who have the budget for the latter but would like something larger like the former.
  • People who have additional room to spare can choose an Olympic Queen mattress but most people don’t because it occupies more space. When you have every square inch of your bedroom carefully planned, those 6 inches extra will seem like a lot.
  • Those of you looking for a mattress for the guest bedroom might fancy the idea of choosing an Olympic Queen. It’s comfortable, large, inexpensive, can support two people with ease, and you surely don’t mind sacrificing some extra space to put that bed in the master bedroom.
  • People who have large RVs and often find themselves travelling across the country would find it more comfortable to get an Olympic Queen bed. If we’re talking about couples, the idea of investing in this mattress size is even better.

What’s it Made From?

Just like other mattress sizes available on the market, the Olympic Queen is available in a variety of material combinations and construction. Some mattresses are made entirely out of foam, while others have individually-wrapped coils and organic cotton covers. However, you need to always keep in mind the scarcity of this bed size and remember that if you find a Queen bed with a construction that you really like, odds are you won’t find it in an Olympic Queen version.


Finding accessories for an Olympic Queen bed is a bit more difficult compared to finding everything you need for the more standard mattress sizes. If you invested in a bed in this size and would like to buy something along the lines of a waterproof mattress protector or perhaps a fitted sheet, the first place you should start looking is the website of the mattress manufacturer. These brands realize that Olympic Queen mattresses aren’t that common, so they’ve made sure to create a line of bedding items that would accommodate this size.

All About the Queen Bed

All About the Queen Bed

Did you know that 47 percent of Americans choose a Queen-sized bed over any other available size? Being the most popular size when it comes to mattresses, Queen beds are a dime a dozen, and finding a good mattress in this size is the easier thing possible.


A Queen-sized bed measures 60 by 80 inches, which makes it 6 inches narrower compared to an Olympic Queen. The size of the bed makes it a popular choice with couples, although people who have large bedrooms often prefer investing in a King-sized bed, which is more generous in terms of sleeping space. However, Queen mattresses are popular among couples because they occupy less space and not everyone has a large bedroom.

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Who’s it For?

Before buying a bed, a question naturally arises: how can I be sure this bed size is right for me? If you’re still not sure if a Queen-sized mattress is the right option for you and your bedroom, here are some bits of information that might help you make up your mind:

  • If you share your bed with a partner but your limited bedroom space won’t allow you to buy the larger and more spacious Olympic Queen, then the regular Queen is definitely the right choice for you.
  • If you currently own or previously owned a Queen bed and you already have the right accessories for it (that means everything from bed sheets to box spring or bed base), then choosing a Queen mattress this time as well is a good idea.
  • If you sleep alone but share a bed with a pet (even if it’s just a cat), a Full-sized bed might be too small and an Olympic Queen bed is too large for that. That makes the Queen mattress a viable choice in your case as well.
  • If you don’t share a bed with anyone but you have some medical condition that limits your mobility, having more bed room is a good idea. In that case, you might be on the list of viable candidates for a Queen-sized mattress.
  • If you want a stress-free purchase and don’t want to worry about situations where you find a mattress configuration that is right for you only to end up being frustrated that it’s not available in the size you want, you can’t go wrong with a Queen bed. All large mattress brands have Queen-sized versions of the bed you want to buy.

What’s it Made From?

Because they represent the most popular mattress size on the market, Queen-sized beds are made from everything. Foam beds are common among people who want affordable and pressure-relieving beds, hybrids are a newer and more luxurious choice for people who want to enjoy the benefits brought forth by as many mattress-specific materials as possible, latex mattresses are great for hot sleepers who want a durable product, and so on. The important thing to remember is that all of these are viable choices when you’re buying a Queen mattress.

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Finding accessories for a Queen-sized bed is one of the easiest things in the world. There are plenty of accessories to choose from sold by mattress brand themselves, other bedding manufacturers, and third party retailers as well. You can find bedding items available in a wide variety of colors, materials, and patterns, and especially for every budget. When you buy a Queen-sized bed, make sure that you purchase a set of suitable sheets, some pillowcases, and a mattress protector to shield the bed for as long as possible against all sorts of spills.

Which One Is Better for You?

Knowing which of these two sized to pick can be difficult because they aren’t that much different in size compared to each other. If you already have a bed base or a foundation that’s compatible with one of these two mattress sizes, then you should pick the mattress that matches that size.

Price is also a considerate that might weight in when it comes to choosing one mattress over another. However, the price difference between these two beds isn’t all that big (typically an Olympic Queen bed will cost about $50 to $100 more compared to its Queen-sized counterpart). Even so, you will have to consider the fact that the accessories for a larger bed will cost more, which makes the end cost of an Olympic Queen higher.

It is also important to note that not all major mattress brands have bed available in the Olympic Queen size, which makes the product scarce and, sometimes, darn right difficult to find.

Best Olympic Queen Mattress for Sleep

Brooklyn Bedding Olympic Queen

Brooklyn Bedding Olympic QueenView in gallery

If you’re looking for a good sleeping mattress available for a very good price and in an Olympic Queen size, the Brooklyn Bowery s a great option. It’s available in a medium version (with a firmness rating of 5.5) and a medium-firm option (with a firmness rating of 6.5). We found that the 6.5-version of this mattress is best suited for sleep, and it’s designed with 2 inches of polyfoam, 6 inches of pocketed coils, and another inch of polyfoam. 

The Bowery mattress performs really well in terms of motion isolation, durability, and pressure relief. It’s perfect for average and heavyweight back sleepers, as it has a firmer feel and provides excellent support. It is also one of the most affordable hybrid mattresses on the market, and one of the few models that are still available in an Olympic Queen size. 

Best Olympic Queen Mattress for Back Pain

Best Olympic Queen Mattress for Back PainView in gallery

Probably the best back pain mattress that’s available in an Olympic Queen size is the Plank mattress. It is a flippable bed with two very firm sides (7/10 and 9/10 firmness ratings) and a profile that measures 11.5 inches in thickness. It’s made from polyfoam of different densities and features a 7-inch support core that’s made from 1.8 PCF HD Polyfoam.

In spite of being made from hard polyfoam, the mattress provides a fair amount of pressure-relief. The firmness of the mattress makes it suitable for people who like to sleep on their stomach because there is little sinkage provided, but also for sleepers that weigh above 230 pounds, regardless of their favorite sleeping position. 

However, since the firmness of the mattress doesn’t let people lighter than 230 pounds sink into the surface of the bed, it’s best suited for those that are heavyweight and have back pain, as the mattress can provide a fair balance between support and pressure point relief. 

Best Olympic Queen Mattress for Combination Sleepers

Best Olympic Queen Mattress for Combination SleepersView in gallery

Regardless of how you like to sleep, there is a mattress available in an Olympic Queen size that you are going to love the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid. It’s a bed that combines a comfort layer made with 2 inches of gel-infused TitanFlex polyfoam and another 2 inches of gel-infused Energex polyfoam. The support core is made from 6 inches of pocketed coils, plus a base layer of HD polyfoam that measures 1 inch.

When you put all of these together, you get an 11.5-inch mattress that’s available in three firmness options: soft (3.5/10 firmness rating), medium (5.5/10 firmness rating), and firm (7.5/10 firmness rating). Because it offers three different firmness options, it is a great purchase for people regardless of their sleeping position or body weight, since it can support all three main sleeping positions and weight categories, so just make sure that you choose the version that’s right for you. 


It is somewhat incredible how those 6 inches of width can make such a huge difference between the regular Queen and the Olympic Queen mattress. Even if the similarities outnumber the differences, each of these two beds addresses quite different market segments, so make sure that you carefully consider all the specifications and pros and cons of each mattress size before you actually buy either of them.


Do they still make Olympic queen mattresses?

The Olympic Queen mattress is very difficult to find, so you are unlikely to find it from the brand you most like. Some manufacturers do make Olympic Queen mattresses, so if you want to check out a few, we’ve added some pretty good products in this article. 

What is an Olympic queen size bed?

An Olympic Queen bed is basically a wider version of the traditional Queen-sized mattress. If the latter measures 60 x 80 inches, an Olympic Queen mattress will measure 66 x 80 inches. 

What is the difference between Queen and Super Queen?

The Olympic Queen mattress is sometimes referred to as a Super Queen bed as well, so basically the difference between the Queen and the Super Queen bed lies in those additional 6 inches in width.