Old bedroom turned into a lovely big girl room

This space used to be an old and not that beautiful bedroom. But with some imagination and a lot of work, it was turned into a beautiful big girl’s room for Izzy. As you can see, there’s barely any trace of what the room used to be. Everything changed. The room is a lot brighter and definitely more inviting than it used to be. Some of the elements were even DIYs.

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The tufted headboard was a DIY project. It’s white, bright and it goes great with the rest of the room. The nightstand was painted in a bright turquoise shade. Its covered with chalk paint so that’s why the texture looks so odd. Another DIY project was the bedskirt. It wasn’t made from scratch. It used to be plain white bedskirt until the ruffles were added. The furniture definitely needed a makeover. The dresser was quite old. It got a beautiful makeover. It was painted with chalk paint and bold pin drawers with orange floral wrapping paper on the inside.

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Two shelves were placed on the wall and they serve as a storage space for all the books. A cozy armchair in the corner and a small side table make a perfect reading nook. The lamp is also a simple and functional addition to the corner. The rest of the room was beautifully decorated with bright and colorful curtains, a pink rug and colorful floral decorations. The toys are of course there too. They just make the room complete.{found on westermanfam}.