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Naturepedic Baby Crib Mattress Review: Is It as Good as They Say?

When looking for a baby crib mattress, the concern of how safe the mattress is for them quickly becomes apparent. No one wants a mattress for their baby with chemicals potentially hazardous to their health, so that’s where the Naturepedic crib mattresses come into the picture.

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With natural and organic benefits in mind, Naturepedic promises to provide your infant’s crib with a safe and non-toxic quality mattress allowing them to enjoy a sound sleep.

A First Look at the Naturepedic crib mattress

The Naturepedic Organic Baby Crib Mattress Series promises safety, comfort, and support for your baby, with green, non-toxic materials. The brand’s primary goal is to provide your baby with the best possible sleep option and is backed up by over 15 years of experience and plenty of certifications to show for.

With credentials like that, you can count on receiving a well-made, long lasting, and comfortable baby mattress with only the best materials nature has to offer.

healthier materials
Naturepedic Crib Mattress
Naturepedic Crib Mattress

Keep your baby safe from harmful chemicals while they sleep.

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There are a number of positives and maybe a few negatives you can expect from the Naturepedic crib mattresses, and it’s important to go over them before making a purchase with any product:


  • 100% certified organic materials used
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-toxic – no harmful chemicals used
  • Waterproof surface
  • Highly breathable
  • Firm
  • Dust mite proof
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • On the pricier side
  • Coil innerspring versions can be heavy

Features and Benefits of the Naturepedic crib mattress

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There’s no denying it- if your child doesn’t feel comfortable, neither do you. That why elements of comfort, support, heat regulation, and odor prevention are all so crucial when selecting a baby mattress.

Luckily, the Naturepedic Crib Mattress meets all these and other parameters for the optimal comfort and sleep experience for your baby.

Who is the Naturepedic

With over 15 years in experience making all-organic mattresses for all ages, Naturepedic makes premium-quality products using only the best available organic materials in production.

As mentioned before, they prioritize organic materials and encourage a more environmentally friendly lifestyle with their sleep products.

This has been achieved through much research and locally sourcing materials followed by incorporating more natural ingredients and omitting toxic chemicals like flame retardants.

Though Naturepedic is now a large and successful brand widely know through the country and abroad, they have remained faithful to their mission of providing organic mattresses that have been produced in an environmentally conscious way to all Americans.

They have become a trusted name with third party certifications from GOTS, GOLS, GREENGUARD, Rainforest Alliance and more for their high standard organic mattresses and packaging materials.

Naturepedic started with a grandparent who wanted the best and safest sleep option for their grandchild, and that objective extends with the brand today. For parents who want a quality organic mattress for their baby to enjoy a safe sleep, these mattresses are the best you can find.

Features of the Naturepedic Crib Mattresses

The Naturepedic crib mattress has everything required to keep your infant safe in their sleep.

The idea of having anything happen to a child is a scary thought for parents, but you can put your mind at ease. For infants and even young toddlers, an ideal mattress is firm, breathable, and non-toxic in order to avoid allergic reactions or suffocation.

A plus would be that it’s waterproof, to make the mess from a baby throwing up or a potty-training toddler easier to clean up.  The Naturepedic crib mattresses have these features, as well as plenty more to make it a worthwhile investment.

The Naturepedic Crib Mattress Types

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There are three variations of the crib mattress from Naturepedic, the Classic, the Breathable, and the Breathable Ultra. They vary in price and plushness, as well as the buildup of the core layer.

All types use certified organic cotton only which means there are no man-made fillers. And while cotton is awesome, does it offer a safe support level that other materials can? Well, when you pair it up with innerspring it certainly gets the job done.

The Classic Naturepedic crib mattress

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This is the simplest model of crib mattress. It offers the basic level of support and comfort, lined simply with a layer of organic cotton fabric in waterproof coating. The inside of the Classic mattress can either be 150 coil innerspring, or the more lightweight “wavesupport” core that will allow for moving around easier. It is the only model of the three available in both single and double firmness.

healthier materials
Naturepedic Crib Mattress
Naturepedic Crib Mattress

Keep your baby safe from harmful chemicals while they sleep.

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The Breathable Naturepedic crib mattress

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This is essentially the Classic, but with a padded “three dimensional” layer made of breathable organic cotton. The support cores available are wavesupport and 252 coil innerspring. They have the 2-stage dual firmness for infants and toddlers. They tend to be pricier than the Classic as well.

healthier materials
Naturepedic Crib Mattress
Naturepedic Crib Mattress

Keep your baby safe from harmful chemicals while they sleep.

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Breathable Ultra Naturepedic crib mattress

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This is the plushest (and priciest) of the three. The organic cotton sleep surface made for the breathability is actually quilted on this model, providing a much softer feel and that extra air circulation for comfort. Like the previous model, the breathable layer is removeable and can be machine washed. It is only available in 2-stage dual firmness with a wavesupport core.

healthier materials
Naturepedic Crib Mattress
Naturepedic Crib Mattress

Keep your baby safe from harmful chemicals while they sleep.

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Firmness of a Naturepedic crib mattress

You don’t want your baby sleeping in a mattress soft enough to let them sink in, and that’s why these mattresses are so firm. No matter which mattress type you buy from Naturepedic, it’ll be available in an extra supportive dual firmness. What exactly does dual firmness mean?

It means the mattress has two sides – one firmer side for babies and the other slightly softer for toddlers. This is useful since your mattress can last as your baby grows up to toddler: you won’t have to replace the mattress, just flip it over soft side up.

Is Breathability a Naturepedic crib mattress

A mattress’s lack of breathability could become a scary situation, especially if the baby starts sleeping on their stomach. That’s why Naturepedic has worked to design a breathable surface that has been tested to have the lowest suffocation risk.

The variations in baby crib mattresses from Naturepedic essentially differ in their breathability from Classic to Breathable Ultra. The surface is always made with organic cotton fabric, though the breathable and breathable ultra models include a removeable extra surface for “three-dimensional” breathable space. With the Breathable Ultra, a baby can indefinitely breathe through the surface.

Is Waterproof the Naturepedic crib mattress

One of the features that makes Naturepedic’s mattresses truly one of a kind is their ability to be incredibly breathable yet effectively waterproof. Thanks to a waterproof-coated layer of organic cotton fabric, the mattress can be easily wiped clean in case of a mess.

The seams are heat-sealed to prevent liquids from seeping any further into the mattress. Heat-sealed seams make for added safety as you don’t have to worry about loose threads from stitching potentially getting grabbed and becoming a choking hazard.


Absolutely no harmful chemicals or materials are used in making these mattresses. If the material is questionable, it won’t be in your Naturepedic mattress. The fabric and fill used is organic cotton and though it contributes to the mattresses’ pricing, they’re a healthier alternative to synthetic foam and fabric. The waterproof polyethylene coating is made from sugarcane that’s non-genetically modified.

Conventional materials such as polyurethane foam won’t be found in these mattresses, which also removes the need for flame retardants.


With organic materials used, you hardly have to worry about the mattress triggering any allergies with your child. Naturepedic mattresses are even dust mite and bed bug resistant, so there’s absolutely no irritation or discomfort for your baby while they sleep.

This is where the 100% food-grade polyethylene comes in handy as it works great to keep out bed bugs and dust mites.


A good baby mattress is both soft enough to the touch and supportive enough to retain its shape. The Classic and Breathable mattresses come with two support options: traditional innerspring core or a lightweight “wavesupport” core. The latter makes the mattress lightweight enough to move and/or flip over with ease.

The reinforced coil-lined edge support for toddlers using these mattresses is extra sturdy and will remain intact even after a lot of use. This helps prevent toddlers from falling out of bed and babies from getting trapped between the crib and mattress if they roll over in their sleep.


The mattress is designed to fit standard cribs snugly. Speaking of which, the Naturepedic mattress leaves no unwanted gapping when placed inside the crib. The recommended fit test is to see if you can fit two fingers between the mattress and the crib.

If so, then the mattress isn’t a good fit. The ideal spacing should be less than two fingers between the mattress and the sides of the crib. Anything larger than that can become an entrapment risk for the baby and present a potential risk for their limbs getting stuck in between.

Firmness and edge support also tie in with potential mattress gaps. A mattress that is either too soft or squishy can present gaps if your baby stands at the edge of the crib.

But because Naturepedic mattresses used reinforced edges, this issue is eliminated, and the square corners of the mattress help improve the neat fit.

For cribs that are larger or smaller than standard sizes, its best to test the size of the mattress with the crib.

Naturepedic crib mattress cover

All mattresses come with a detachable cover or pad that is quilted and made from 100% organic cotton fiber over a layer of breathable mesh. The backing is 100% polyester for waterproofing purposes but does not compromise the breathability of the product.

Instead the 3D airflow construction of the mattress cover provides an additional layer of air between the baby and the mattress. This feature also helps dissipate heat and moisture to prevent overheating issues.

The cover construction does not use any latex, PVC, vinyl or phthalates. To wash the cover, you can put it in the machine but use a low setting to dry as it may shrink to fit. Or simply hang dry it instead. Covers and pads are also available for purchase separately.

What is the Warranty for a Naturepedic crib mattress

If you’re not happy with your mattress or have received a probable defect, you can rest assured your purchase is risk-free with Naturepedic’s own 30-day money back guarantee, in which case you can return the mattress for a full refund. Their mattresses are also backed up by a limited lifetime warranty.

What Customers Have to Say

Hearing customers’ opinions on a product is helpful in coming to a decision yourself. So, here are some noteworthy points that previous buyers have brought up.


healthier materials
Naturepedic Crib Mattress
Naturepedic Crib Mattress

Keep your baby safe from harmful chemicals while they sleep.

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It’s a known fact that these mattresses are expensive, but many customers and reviewers of the product agree that it’s worth the extra expense. The mattresses are made from materials they know are safe and show promise in lasting them a long time.   


There are a few customers who have had issues with the comfort Naturepedic mattresses provide for their children. While most find that their babies or toddlers sleep well without discomfort on these mattresses, models like the Classic could be considered too firm for some.


Users and reviewers alike can agree that the Naturepedic crib mattresses are easy to clean and maintain thanks to the waterproof surface and removable plush cover on the Breathable and Breathable Ultra. The innerspring models are heavier and would take more effort to move around, which may serve as an issue if you’re looking to flip, move, or replace the sheets of the mattress.

Customer Service

Naturepedic boasts an international class customer service that values customer satisfaction. Users who have had issues with their purchases of mattresses find that customer support is very willing to help and well-equipped for the job.

healthier materials
Naturepedic Crib Mattress
Naturepedic Crib Mattress

Keep your baby safe from harmful chemicals while they sleep.

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If you’re a parent looking to buy an organic or overall high-quality mattress to ensure your baby sleeps safely, any of the Naturepedic Baby crib mattresses is worth the investment. A lot of care goes into making these mattresses the best possible and it shows. The price may be a bit high, but you’re getting a durable and undeniably safe product for your child that will last a long time.