Natural Bathtub from Stone Forest

We all want to be unique and original and think that nobody else is quite like us, that is why we like to be surrounded by original things. So if you really want to have a bathtub like nobody else, your own unique bathtub, you can now contact the guys from Stone Forest who had a marvelous idea: they can turn a boulder or a large piece of stone into your personal natural bathtub. And since these boulders do not come in series, yours will be unique and of course the bathtub will be shaped to its features, to its shape and characteristics. These guys simply use a special technique to carve the stone until they can reach the desired shape of a bathtub. This can be either oval or rectangular, depending on the customer’s wish.

Natural Bathtub 1246900808 detailView in gallery

Of course you have the freedom to choose the material that can be granite or marble or another material that you can find in unfinished form and I can assure you each bathtub made this way is spectacular and unique, having its own shape and even colour. Then all you have to do is place it in a bathroom where to look natural, so try to give your bathroom a natural look by choosing a rustic furniture and maybe some rough wood decorations. Of course the cost for each bathtub obtained this way depends on the size of the stone and on the technique used and a million other things, so they cannot be estimated up front. But contact them and talk about these details.