Multifunctional LED lamp by GreenLantern

Nowadays space has become a big problem in our lives. People are continuously searching for adaptable or extendable pieces that can be both functional and space-saving. This applies not only in the case of basic items like the dining table or the desk, the sofa bed etc, but also in the case of smaller and apparently insignificant items like a lamp for example. They seen small at first but the truth is that they take space and when they add up you realize that you either need to give up some of them or find something multifunctional.

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A nice example is this adaptable and versatile lamp from GreenLantern. It’s a modern and good-looking lamp with Led lights incorporated that also acts like a planter. Now you can have them both without giving up none of them. The lamp is very useful as it can be placed just about anywhere. It’s great for the bedroom, on the nightstand and it can make a great addition in the living room as well. Furthermore, the fact that it can be used as a planter as well enhances its functionality. It’s always great to have a plant in your home. It looks fresh and it adds some color to the room.

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These eco-friendly lamps come in a variety of different colors. All of them are vibrant and eye-catching and really make the piece stand out. The lamp is horn-shaped and it has a modern look. It’s simple but very practical and functional.