Multifunctional Cage Lamp by Rodrigo Vairinhos

Cages might not be very pleasant to think to since they are reminiscent of imprisonment and torture. However, art can always find a way to see the nice part of things. This lamp used a birdcage as inspiration and it showcases it beautifully, transforming it into something positive and lovely.

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The Cage lamp was designed by Rodrigo Vairinhos. He is a designer born in Portugal and based in Germany who decided to take something perceived as negative and turn it into something beautiful and useful. The lamp is inspired by a birdcage and it retained its shape. The cage has been simplified and stylized and has become a lamp. Not only that the design is interesting, but the lamp is also versatile and multifunctional. It comes in two colors, black and white.

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The Cage lamp is a contemporary creation and features a creative use of light. The lamp can stand vertically, horizontally or upside down and this allows it to be very versatile as well as multifunctional. Also, given its unique design, it can be used in a variety of different spaces. It can be an accent piece for the living room, an accessory for the home office or a fixture for the bedroom. When standing vertically it provides diffuse light, perfect for the bedroom. When placed horizontally it diffuses a strong light that could be sued for artistic purposes.