Montclair serving cart for outdoor use

How nice would it be to just have the time to relax, to sit in a chaise lounge, under an umbrella in your garden and to have someone bring you anything you want, like a cold drink or something to eat? It would be very nice, but for that you’ll need a serving cart. Montclair has just the thing for you.

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The Montclair serving cart is a very handsome piece crafter of cast aluminum and an antique bronze finish that will protect it from rust and also give a very beautiful look. It’s a relatively simple piece, without many details except for the curved lines and the accessorized wheels. The dimensions of this antique-looking piece are 37″W x 26″D x 35″H. It’s a very practical and easy to use piece, especially when you have guests and you have to carry everything outside. This functional serving cart makes your job easier and it also allows you to be quicker.

With this beautiful serving cart you’ll be able to enjoy many beautiful moments with your friends and family just outside your home, in the garden or on the deck. It’s always a very useful piece for those who own a house. You never know when you’ll need it so it’s better to be prepared. Just think about all those times when you had to carry everything out piece by piece. By the time you finish you’re already tired. Save your energy and let the cart to the work for 499$.