Modern Urban Lamp designs by Jacco Maris

The Dutch designer Jacco Maris has created a new type of lamps which can be used in our everyday life. Practically they look like something that has been for long years on some old desk – the difference is that the lamp is a few times bigger than normal. It is made of aluminum and large glass and this allows the light to be bright enough to let you work read or do your usual activities.  There are two ways to use the lamp – hang it on the ceiling or purchase it with a stand.

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These industrial lamps are a good way to change your interior and modernize it a little bit. Not only do they look great but their light is very bright, too. I couldn’t help noticing the size of these lamps and this is what makes them so special. But I advise you to purchase such a lamp only if you have a big home because it would look misplaced in a small apartment. Besides, once you turn it on, you will feel like in the movies where they chased fugitives and followed them with a strong light like this one.