Modern residence/design office featuring a minimalist black and white interior

Usually there’s not much to say about black and white interior designs. They are timeless and will always look beautiful. Of course, the style you choose can influence that as well. But the differences become very visible when you find a place like this for example. This residence is impressive on several levels. It’s located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA and it’s very beautiful.

Delin boiler interior1

This place is actually both a residence and a graphic design office. Designed by Stack + Co, it manages to fulfill both functions perfectly. The interior design is modern and minimalist, like in most cases. But it’s important to understand that, even though the main lines and features can be the same in some cases, the results can be very different because there are many variables involved as well.

Delin boiler interior

Delin boiler interior2

Delin boiler interior3

Delin boiler interior4

In this case, for example, the minimalist black and white décor is more impressive because of the dimensions of the rooms as well. The high ceilings and huge windows are an important part of the design and architecture of this space.

Delin boiler interior5

Delin boiler interior6

Delin boiler interior8

Delin boiler interior9

Delin boiler interior71

The sleek and minimalist interior is also defined by a very nice balance. The strong contrasts are inevitable in this case but the trick is to know how to use them and where to use them. Notice how there’s this nice balance of color in all the rooms. The colors don’t come in big blocks but rather in small pieces and they are evenly used throughout the rooms. Also, notice that there’s also a third color present in the décor: brown. It comes in the form of leather furniture, wooden surfaces and natural stone.