Modern Luna Floor Lamp

Decorating a home or a new room can be fun, extremely rewarding and creates a nice environment in the most important place possible, your home. Lighting is an extremely important aspect of home decoration and one of the best ways to create a warm and comfortable house.

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The LUNA Floor lamp is made from brushed anodized aluminium housing with a height of 160cm and width of only 2cm that gives it a slim and elegant design.There are millions of ways to improve the lighting in your house but from experience I can tell you that the best way to create a welcoming, well lit room is to add some modern floor lamps.The LUNA floor lamp is a one of those modern lamps.The LUNA lighting offer unlimited combinations allowing you to create your own ambience because we can supply different materials that are attached by using our patented magnet holding system, which allows for an easy switch of elements and lighting variations.