Modern Fruit or Vegetable Basket from Claesson Koivisto Rune

If you want something post-modernist and impressive for your home in matters of fruit basket, you might think of this unique piece of work designed by Ola Rune from Claesson Koivisto Rune company. It is a fruit basket, but you can also use it to store vegetables, too or maybe as a house decoration when it is empty. It is now produced by Cappellini . It is made of thin laminated strips of plywood that bend and come together to be glued on the bottom. The design of this fruit basket is pretty interesting as it is not static like all other similar fruit baskets, but it expands when you place the fruit inside and also comes back to the original position when empty.

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If you ask me I think it looks just like the flower of a lily or maybe a wooden cup kings used to drink from , only stripped. The fact that it is made of many parts with plenty of space in between them makes the air free to circulate, which is great for the fruit inside, as it does not get bad easily. The product is available in beech plywood – natural, white or black.