Modern and Colourful Piani Desk Lamp

Normally office lamps are more impersonal and more functional. But when compare them to our home lamps, we realize they are rather dull. Apparently somebody decided to do something about it and designed this Modern and Colourful Piani Desk Lamp. You can use it both as an office and also as a home desk lamp. It is beautiful and colourful, nice to look at and touch, simple in design and yet bringing all eyes on it. The lamp is designed by Ronan and Erwan Bourollec and it is manufactured by Flos. It is among my favourite lamps because it has stability above all.

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It has a big and study base that allows it to stand on your desk even if kids run around it storming the house. Then it has rounded edges which is also quite important when you have kids, but for your own safety, too. Besides, this looks pretty nice on any desk. Then it is available in many options of colour: Black, Green, Red, or White. Made in Italy, the lamp is made of polished pressofused aluminum and has a personal elegance and distinction. You can order it now for $319 from Lumens online store.